Microsoft confirms leaked price of Xbox Series S at $299


Per The Verge, the Xbox Series S ($299) was leaked by a website named Thurrot late this Monday.



The Xbox Series S is the slimmest and smallest Xbox ever, visual contrast to Microsoft's usually large console aesthetic. While console fans have been impatient over the release of information regarding the Xbox, many of them are seemingly just as frustrated with the console being leaked and, as a result, the official Xbox reveal to be so hastily done on Twitter afterward.



While Twitter was quick to bring in the visual comparisons (a fast-food speaker, a boombox, a radio, etc.), the low price tag remains a very high selling point towards gamers who don't have the financial luxury of the more expensive and premium version. Amidst the economic troubles that the coronavirus has caused to many, economic options for console gamers are a rare consumer win in a sense.

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