League of Legends K/DA Jewelry Line just launched. Is it worth the price?


With K/DA’s second single “The Baddest” released followed by the upcoming full album, it’s clear that the group’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing. There’s been a robust line-up of POPSTARS merch released since the single’s debut in 2018, and now we can add official jewelry into the mix!


You might know Rock Love Jewelry from their collabs with major brands like Pokémon and Star Wars or their League of Legends ward necklaces from earlier this Summer. The company specializes in jewelry made from precious metals and gemstones inspired by your favorite fandoms. 


Please, place your wards...


The K/DA line, now available from the Riot Shop, includes a piece celebrating each of the group members. 


Complete K/DA x RockLoveJewelry Collection


Akali's Kama
Kai'Sa ring
Ahri earrings
Evelynn's keychain


Though I do appreciate them designing a piece for each champion, I’m a bit put off by some of the design choices. Akali’s Kama Necklace and Kai’Sa’s Crystal Cannon Ring are successful but Evelynn’s bag tag and Ahri’s earrings fall short for me. With Evelynn as popular as she is, I think it’s a big ask of her fans to pay $75 for what is in essence, a keychain. I was also a bit let down that the shape of Ahri’s earrings wasn’t correctly captured.


As you can see in the splash art below, all the hearts featured on her costume are polygonal. Though I can tell an attempt was made based on how the earrings open and the markings on them, it’s a shame these are basic heart hoops and not a true replica item.


K/DA Ahri earring replicas


Another unfortunate factor is the price. The entire set pre-tax and shipping will run you almost $300. I understand the costs involved in creating small run, licensed collections with high-end materials but I sympathize with many of the negative fan feedback. Though the collection pricing is on par with other mid-tier jewelry lines, I think it’s helpful to balance that with alternative options.


As of right now, the only official League of Legends jewelry is from Rock Love leaving many fans empty-handed who would otherwise totally rock accessories inspired by their favorite champions. Hopefully, we see more accessible jewelry options in the future!



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