DWG Zefa: "Not only in their drafts, but in terms of their individual prowess, DRX far exceeded my expectations."


The grand finals of the 2020 LCK Summer split will be taking place on the 5th (KST). DAMWON Gaming will be facing off against DRX in a heated battle for the LCK Championship trophy. Looking ahead, Inven had a chance to have a short conversation with the head coaches of both teams to hear their resolution and how they predict the series will be.


The head coach for DWG, Lee “Zefa” Jae-min first reacted to the series between DRX and Gen.G in round 2 of the LCK Summer playoffs. “Before the match, I predicted Gen.G would take the victory, because all the players looked in their top shape. However, after watching the draft in game 1, I thought that DRX had a good chance of winning as well.”


He continued, “After that game 1 draft, I didn’t know which team would win. Not only in their drafts, but in terms of their individual prowess, DRX far exceeded my expectations. Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon’s gameplay on Ekko in game 4 especially impressed me quite a bit. He played really well.” 


When asked who he hoped DWG’s opponents in the finals would be, Zefa answered, “If Gen.G won their series, it would automatically qualify us for the upcoming World Championship, so I hoped that they’d win. However, we’re preparing with the mindset of defeating our opponent, no matter who they are. DRX made it to the finals, so as long as we prepare to match DRX, we’ll definitely win.”


When asked about the jungle matchup and how he predicts the draft will go, he provided no comment for strategic purposes. He then predicted that the key matchup will be on the mid-jungle matchup, and commented, “The mid-jungle matchup was always important, but it seems even more important in the current meta. Depending on mid-jungle, the flow of the game changes drastically.”


As this finals was the first for DWG, Zefa stated that the players have been preparing with a good mix of anticipation and nerves. He commented, “I think their condition is in good shape at the moment. We just have to prove all we’ve built on this finals stage, and they’re excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I think the fact that the finals is going to be played in an online format will prove to be beneficial for us.”


Lastly, he shared his resolutions for the finals. “I believe that winning the LCK championships will not only prove our efforts this split, but also be very beneficial in getting good results at Worlds. No matter what it takes, we’ll win. Although it breaks our hearts that we can’t meet our fans face to face on the finals stage, we’ll make sure to play just as well for them.”

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