Patch 10.18 marks return of One-for-All mode as part of PsyOps event for new line of skins


Patch 10.18 is the first League of Legends patch to dance onto Summoner's Rift this September, and on the first day of the month, Riot Games released the 10.18 patch notes to break down the upcoming changes to the game.





Seven champions are receiving buffs courtesy of Patch 10.18. Ahri's passive on her Orb of Deception is being augmented to become her champion passive instead of just an ability passive, and her Fox-Fire is getting buffed in power and also in quality of life.  Jarvan IV has fallen slightly out of favor in the jungle, and a damage buff to his Dragon Strike might be all The Exemplar of Demacia needs to re-establish himself as a force in the meta. 


Kayle has had the mana restoration on her Radiant Blast removed, and Celestial Blessing costs more mana than before, but the changes are more than worth it for The Judicator to be able to cast Starfire Spellbade for a cost of ZERO mana. Miss Fortune is being given a slight nudge upward in the form of better attack speed growth and more maximum bonus movement speed on her Strut. Rumble, Twitch, and Xin Zhao also all received slight damage buffs to their kit in various forms.



Lastly,  while it's not necessarily a buff, the only champion to receive adjustments as extensive as Ahri is Shyvana, who is getting a complete overhaul on her Flame Breath ability. 





In addition to the seven champions being buffed on Patch 10.18, five champions will be nerfed. Ashe has been one of the most prevalent marksmen in professional play with little drawback if properly drafted around, and because of this, her base attack damage has been lowered from 61 to 59. Her Ranger's Focus ability also received some quality of life fixes in the VFX department.


For all of Galio's innate tankiness, he's hitting a little too hard in the mid lane, so the damage on his Winds of War has been lowered across all levels. Kog'maw has returned as a mid lane pick with an ability power focused build, and some of his base stats are being lowered to fit that glass cannon style better without going unpunished in his traditional role as a bot lane marksman.


Sett is viable in four of the five roles in League of Legends, but slight adjustment to his passive, Pit Grit, as well as his Knuckle Down ability should take make him a bit less oppressive to play against in the jungle.


Shen's 10.15 buff was quite the power boost for the Eye of Twilight, so his Ki Barrier passive his getting a slight to nerf to the power of its shield. Shen has been strong since his buff as both a support and a top laner, and this nerf aims to balance him in both roles.


Aside from Kog'maw's nerfs, all champion nerfs should affect the professional level of play. Nerfs to Shen and Galio will also also affect the 'Skilled' tier of players alongside the Kog'maw nerfs, whereas Ashe and Sett's nerfs are geared exclusively towards balance at the level of professional play. Lastly, the only non-champion nerf was to the rune keystone Guardian, which is currently strong on all types of support champions and is being toned down for more diverse rune pathing.



PsyOps brings All-for-One back to League of Legends


The PsyOps event starts on September 3rd, and will commemorate the eponymous new skin line being released by Riot Games on Patch 10.18. Shen, Vi, Master Yi, Sona, and Ezreal will be the champions in the first line of PsyOps skins, with the latter also receiving a Prestige Edition variant within the skin line. Hextech Ziggs, which is not a part of the PsyOps line, will also be released on Patch 10.18. 


The PsyOps event will bring new skins to League of Legends, but it will also mark the return of the One-for-All mode. Both the mode and the new skins will be available when the event begins on September 3rd at 1:00pm PT. 



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