Esports Industry Fits: VOL 1

CEO of @ecoliseum TV, @rust1n starts us off with a PUBG statement.

One of the first things that inspired us to create Inven Culture was our appreciation of expressing oneself through fashion.  Many esports community members and industry workers support their favorite gaming brand or esports team through apparel and Inven Culture is 100% about these life decisions.

So welcome to Esports Industry Fits:  VOL 1. I asked on Twitter for people to send me their own esports and gaming fits -- to my delight a lot of amazing people contributed. It gives me hope that the esports industry (and it's representatives) will continue exploring gaming aesthetics and the concept of what a "gamer" looks like.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed. If you want to be featured in VOL 2 -- send us your best gaming or esports look at

Liquid Looks

Team Liquid's Card Player Manager, @Katieguo has safely socially distanced with  Team Liquid's DERP4120 Tee. This photo exudes "I go mid or leave" confidence and the moody tye-die print has a lot to do with that.

Showing more Team Liquid love, @Souvie brought pastel kicks and a tactical vest into the mix. Souvie also has one of the most uplifting PC set-ups I have ever seen:  Look at all those plants!  So much west-coast gamer energy.

Team Liquid apparel is dope (thank you @DamianEstrada) so it makes sense that Managing Editor at Hotspawnesports, @Lideyuuh, picked up one of TL's Dreamscape collection for every day esports work. Glasses are *chefs kiss* as well.


Tie-dye and streetwear keep colliding in 2020, one of the few trends of this year I'd like to see more of.


Owl Outfits

The Overwatch League has some of the best team branding and design in esports. The most popular teams often inspire fans to embody the aesthetic design into their wardrobe, resulting in cool and striking ways to embody an inherently geeky fandom.

Isn't that why we love esports fashion in the first place? Here are some Overwatch inspired fits that we love to see.

Legally and officially, @6arks is a professional internet woman, however we mostly know her for her hilarious Twitter account that sometimes feels like esports parody. However, this tech-wear fusion has NYXL city vibes and that is no joke.


Is it cheating to include our own sponsored creator @tthotobot? Considering how incredible this Chengdu Hunters outfit is, we don't think so. Absolutely fantastic execution -- you can read all about how she put it together here!



ULT is dropping a gorgeous 90's style hoodie that re-imagines the OWL logo in a neon explosion of air-conditioned malls and boardwalk energy.  @Soembie embodies summer esports to perfection!

Indie Inspo

Inven Culture loves independent esports and gaming apparel brands. Despite major corporate entities creating gaming apparel as an easy means to profit from triple-A IPs,  indie apparel companies reliable innovate their styles and patterns in ways that move esports and gaming culture forward.

(We would love to hear from any indie esports and gaming brands that would like to have their apparel featured on Inven Culture. Send us an email at and show us the good stuff!)


I love KlLLSTEAL, which was founded by esports veteran @Sabby Her team dropped a special pride-edition tie-dye and the colors came out beautifully!


Their fans came out strong to support the drop.

Journalist at @Dotesports,  @kdpanthera

Outlaws Partnerships Account Manager, @sarahschnugget

Esports Consultant and prize pool expert @tofuslayer is repping one of my favorite independent brands, EsportsFamous. The tie-dye biker shorts are on point and this comfy, lounge look is fitting for another week of esports quarantine.


Clean and Simple

Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes is what style is all about. As the gaming apparel industry continues to mature, (and esports further cements itself as mainstream cultural reality), fashionable gamers gain more ways to express their fandom in more subtle, minimalist ways.

At first glance, these looks look like normal streetwear. Only those initiated in the gamer zeitgeist could spot the following looks for what they really are -- celebrations of esports geekdom!

Head of Social Media at Deviant Art, @ggmattb keeps it simple with an @adidas @BaitMeCom x @StreetFighter Hoodie and closes the look with Adidas X Busenitz shoes.  What else can we give but respect for the drip?



Speaking of simple, Inven Culture's very own @LaraLunardi not only works at the LEC every week creating content but makes their apparel look effortlessly cool. Last I checked, the LCS was selling jerseys at Walmart. NA LOL?

Streamer and LOR masters player @Wondermelo brings us another clean fit, this time featuring Panda Global  "Nimbus" Dryfit Tank. I like this tank because even if you don't recognize the esports markings, it still brings a dreamy, vapor-esque feeling to the look.

Shout outs to @Nem_Graphics for the design!



VOL 1 of esports industry fits couldn't be complete without including some 100 Thieves love. I like boots alongside the 100T's NO CAMPING collection shorts -- big ups to FX artist @lieutenant_jack for pulling it off so well.


Musician and self-described button masher @IzzyLighto gave us multiple ULT themed looks and I dig the sun-set vibes going on. I could spot that orange Harddrive ULT tee anywhere as it has always been one of my favorites from ULT.


See you again for VOL 2

I (@nickdorazio3rd) am always on the hunt for esports and gaming outfit inspirations, especially when they are EsportsFamous pullovers that say the words E S P O R TS in all caps -- I just love being subtle you know?


I will be back with VOL 2 and I want to see YOUR esports or gaming look. To be featured, send me a DM on Twitter or email

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