FNC vs G2 peaked at 900K viewers, breaking an LEC record

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Everyone who watches professional League of Legends knows the history of G2 Esports vs Fnatic, and as always, their most recent series didn't fail to disappoint! Fnatic edged out over G2 in the Silver Scrapes game after an over-aggressive Rasmus "Caps" Winther died in a sidelane allowing Fnatic into G2's base to end the game. 


Unlike much of the LEC and LCS playoffs, this series was a nail biter. Fnatic and G2 not only went to game 5 but featured a lot of close individual games as well, drawing in more and more eyes as the series went on. And as it's been the tradition, FNC and G2 ultimately broke the LEC peak viewership record, drawing in nearly 900,000 people near the end of the series, according to Esports Charts. 



The previous viewership peak for the LEC Summer Split was just 555,000 with FNC vs Rogue, which this series blew out of the park. That makes the 900,000 peak seem even more insurmountable, but with the way the LEC playoffs are laid out, it's possible for G2 and Fnatic to match up again in the Finals, which could very possibly break one million viewers if it's another close series. And if Rogue somehow manages to make it to the Finals, they may contend with the viewership record as well considering their last matchup versus Fnatic sits at the second highest. 



The G2 vs Fnatic rivalry has been a defining one for the LEC and every time it's the most watched game of the season. Last Spring, when G2 and FNC met in the Finals, they peaked at 817,000 viewers with their previous regular-season games hovering in the mid 400,000s — more than almost every other playoff series. How many would a Summer Finals bring?




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