While everyone plays Targon, Chimpansliver hits world-first Master with the old Swain/TF deck in Legends of Runeterra

Artwork by Riot Games


Legends of Runeterra's newest expansion, Call of the Mountain, ushered the arrival of the eighth region in the game — Targon. Naturally, every top player went on to brew with the new cards, racing to hit Master in the new season, but one competitor had a different idea.


Japanese player Chimpansliver didn't want to play with any Call of the Mountain cards. He left all the Trundle/ASol Ramps or Lulu/Shen Aggros — which are hitting Diamond now — and went for a tried and true deck.  Prioritizing speed and efficiency over deckbuilding, Chimpansliver took the good old Swain/Twisted Fate Midrange and hit what seems to be the world-first Master rank in the new expansion (official Master leaderboards are not updated yet, but Chimpansliver is the first Master player seen publically at the time of writing). 

Swain/Twisted Fate walked out of the Rising Tides season as one of the best decks of the latest patch meta. The deck regularly challenged the undisputed king of Rising Tides, the Frostbite Midrange, and ended up in Tier S by the end, consistently winning tournaments and getting players to Master.


It remains to be seen whether Swain/TF will remain a top deck once the Call of the Mountain meta develops, however, but it's not an unthinkable scenario. Even though neither Noxus, nor Bilgewater got new cards with Call of the Mountain, the deck still packs a lot of firepower. Historically, there have also been archetypes like the Zed Elusives, which appeared in early days of beta and persisted all the way to the end of Rising Tides, getting minimal card updates from the new expansions. 


Meanwhile, the race to Master rank continues, and Inven Global will keep you updated when a truly new deck hits Legends of Runterra's highest division.

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