VPN and Gaming: Is a VPN Necessary for Your Next Mission?

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Gaming is the activity that captivates millions of people. Be it a simple mobile game, or a full-
fledged open-world experience: all games have their appeal. If you consider yourself a veteran
in the gaming world, you probably have tested out all the tricks in the book. From buying
computers specifically for rendering the best graphics and minimum lags to adding other
equipment: all is quite common.

However, have you ever considered getting a VPN? But wait, isn’t this tool for security, not
gamers? This assumption is incorrect: gamers can greatly benefit from a VPN, starting from the
possible speed improvements. Ready to debunk some myths and find out why a VPN should be
in your arsenal? Let’s get down to business. We're going to briefly reflect on some of those
benefits to give you the much-needed answer on whether you need to use a VPN to improve
your gaming adventures.


The Benefits of Using a VPN for Gaming

A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to maintain your privacy online by masking your
data and IP from prying eyes. While the primary purpose of a VPN is to allow for the seamless
streaming of blocked content and secure connections in corporate environments, gamers are
the latest target audience.

According to VPN providers, gaming services can allow gamers to unlock content outside of
their regions and improve latency. The other improvements include:

● Boosting your gameplay
● Allowing you to play multiplayer games
● Accessing geo-locked games
● Unlocking content in games
● Mitigating DDoS attacks
● Protecting your privacy and data
● Reducing ping by transferring connection to faster servers
● Playing, buying and downloading games from restricted regions
● Getting early access to games

● Ensuring maximum security and safety of your data
● Encrypting your online and gaming traffic

Now, let’s dig deeper into the most promising features and consider whether they will actually
be improved.


1. Boosting Your Gameplay

The first benefit refers to the use of a VPN service to allegedly boost your gaming experience.
Keep one thing in mind – the only things that can boost your gameplay are low latency and a
stable internet connection.

Some VPN companies claim their services can reduce overall lag and ping times by transferring
connection to their faster servers. By connecting to those faster servers, these companies can
provide better gaming experiences when playing games like Counterstrike, Dota 2, etc.

The reality is that a VPN can boost your gameplay in case your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is
throttling your connection. For instance, during established busy hours, ISP might limit your
connection to deal with incoming requests. Additionally, some ISPs can even be selective about
which traffic is preferred. A study revealed that ISPs have a tendency to throttle video
streaming services. If you connect to a VPN server, such limitations no longer apply to you.
Hence, you can play games or stream gamers at full speed. Another tip for gamers is to connect
to locations that are closer to your actual whereabouts. Then, the connection will have to deal
with less distance and will reassure better performance.

2. Accessing Geo-Locked Games

Accessing geo-locked content means bypassing restrictions that are usually associated with
particular regions or countries. It's one of the biggest advantages that using a VPN has to offer.
This geo-locked content usually refers to news, music, videos, movies, sports, and gaming.
Many people love playing their favorite games while traveling. The problem is that certain
games can't be accessed in certain regions. That's where a VPN kicks in. It allows you to access
the content by hiding your IP address and masking it as the local one, thus, providing access to
the game. Hence, a VPN can actually give you access to the games you want to play but are
unable due to prominent geo-restrictions on games.

3. Preventing DDoS Attacks

From the moment competitive gaming became something of a thriving industry with
unexplored potential, this marketplace has become a common target of Distributed Denial of
Service Attacks (DDoS). These attacks target random (or not) IP addresses of gamers connected,

making them lose the game by bringing the connection down. A VPN can protect you by hiding
your IP, rendering it out of the targeting area.



In the dawn of online tracking and monitoring from thousands of third-party entities, a VPN
becomes a necessity that you should consider. As a gamer, you probably attempt to reach max
levels, get the best items, and defeat all your opponents. However, while you are playing fair
and square, more vicious gamers can initiate DDoS attacks to disconnect you. In other cases,
Atlas VPN will allow you to control your whereabouts and get early access to the most popular
games. The cherry on top is that some online game stores adjust prices according to users’
whereabouts. Hence, by jumping from one server to another, you can find the optimal price for

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