[TMI Interview] TES Karsa: "At first, I played mid. Then, I saw a friend play Lee Sin."

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Time for another TMI interview. This time, we tracked down a player in the LPL, the jungler of Top Esports, Hung “Karsa” Hao-Hsuan. Top Esports has been on a great run this year, finishing second in the LPL Spring Split, winning the first-ever Mid-Season Cup, and is currently waiting for the Summer Finals match against JD Gaming.


Just before the closing of LPL Summer, we caught up with Karsa for a quick 50-questions session.



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I'm Hung "Karsa" Hao-Hsuan.


Date of birth?


February 14, 1997.


Blood type?




Your personality?


I think it's alright. Gentle?


Favorite color?




Favorite food?


Depends on the situation… What I eat often is rou xie bao. [Chinese steamed crab — Ed.]


Favorite snack?


I don't like snacks that much, but if I do eat, it's potato chips.


What do you do in your free time?


Listen to music and watch cartoons.


What gives you energy?


Sleeping gives me energy.


Childhood dream?


I wanted to be rich when I was young.


What would you do if you weren't a pro gamer?


I haven't thought about it yet.


Would you become a pro gamer if you were to be born again?


If it was possible, yes, I think so. I would probably seek what I like and become a pro gamer.


Habits while playing LoL?


When I play solo queue, I open the status bar and arrange it by position. This is a habit, right?


Favorite champion?


Favorite champion... Now: Lee Sin.


The reason?


The plays are really cool.


Least favorite champion?






They're all similar.


Favorite skin?


FunPlus Lee Sin skin.


When did you first start LoL?


The time I first played LoL… It was back in season 3, I played it when I went to a PC cafe with my friends.


Your first tier placement?


I think my first placement was Gold 3.


Your favorite pro gamer?


Player? My favorite player is Clearlove.


Favorite player in TES?


I like all the players on my team, but if I were to pick just one, it'd be Knight.


What do you like being in TES?


The atmosphere is good. Whether we win or lose, the atmosphere is always good.


What do you not like about being in TES?


My teammates kid around too much. They fool around during scrims. I'm kind of a serious style.


When are you the happiest on any given day?


When I get lazy before I go to bed.


Favorite music?


There are too many. It's hard to pick.


Favorite movie?


Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.


What was your most memorable moment as a pro gamer?


2018 MSI. We won the championship then. I think that's the top of my career.


What was the toughest memory as a pro gamer?


There are too many. There are too many things, so it's hard to choose.


Favorite nickname?


I have a lot of nicknames… My favorite is Radage [Radar + dage].


Why did you pick being a jungler?


At first, I played mid. Then, I saw a friend play Lee Sin. It looked cool, so I played Lee Sin.


Is there a player you've wanted to play against?


Clearlove. I regret never having played against Clearlove in my pro gaming career.


Do you think you're the best jungler of all time?


Obviously, no. I'm the best tool of all time.


A moment you'd like to delete from your life?


I think there isn't one. Or there are too many, so that I can't.


Do you look up your own highlight reels?


I sometimes watch off-the-record clips of our team.


Favorite YouTube channel?


None. I just mostly listen to music.


Favorite streamer?


I watch Doinb and Tian. They're really fun.


Flash D or F?


Flash is F. Obviously, you should use F.


A word to those who use D for Flash?


Guys, don't rebel.


Any challenge you'd like to take?


Sleeping for 24 hours.


A meta you'd like to see again?


The meta where Tracker's Knife was still in the game. That's when I had the most fun playing LoL.


Items you'd like to see again in the game?


Tracker's Knife.


Do you know anyone that's rather surprising?


There would be a lot. There are too many to mention.


A word to 10-years-from-now you?


Watch out for your health.


A word to worldwide fans?


I'll keep doing my best, so please cheer for me.


How was the 50 Q&As?


Why are there so many questions?

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