Newest League of Legends champion Yone disabled for Worlds 2020

Image Soruce: Riot Games


The League of Legends Worlds Championship 2020 is set to begin soon, and on that note, Riot Games has released a developer update talking about the balancing in the professional scene of LoL Esports. 


The game balancing for Worlds works differently than the regular season of League of Legends Esports. To provide stability in the meta, Worlds is played in one patch over the entire tournament, as opposed to a consistent two-week patch. This allows teams to craft their strategies, counters, and master their champion pools. 



In order to avoid champions with 100% presence, either having to always pick it, or always ban it, which affects strategy diversity, they have created a new policy. Every new champion and VGU will be enabled for playoffs in all four top regions in order to be eligible to play at the next international tournament. That said, Lillia will be available for Pro Play, but Yone will be left out of Worlds 2020.


To encourage more diversity in champion pools of Worlds 2020, the developer team is focusing on the champions that have a 5% or higher presence at the championship. According to Riot, ideally, 67 unique champion picks would be seen in the span of at least 5% of the games. 



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