MVP Black defeat Tempo Storm in a nail-biter, advancing to the winners bracket

On September 11th at Sangam OGN eStadium, MVP Black took out on Tempo Storm (TS) in a full five-game series during the second match of the Super League 2016 Season 3 quarterfinals. Performances from both sides were out of this world, but Black ended up getting revenge for their loss in last season’s finals and moving on to winner’s match with a final score of 3-2.

Game 1: Battlefield of Eternity

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Uther
▶ Pick: Rehgar (Hide), Thrall (Lockdown), Greymane (Dami), Tyrael (HongCoNo), Tassadar (duckdeok)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: E.T.C., Falstad
▶ Pick: Li-Ming (Sake), Sonya (Rich), Brightwing (merryday), Sylvanas (KyoCha), Muradin (Sign)

Black got a smooth start with the first Immortal after picking off Rehgar, and they were able to take out a fort with Brightwing’s global presence. TS returned the favor in the second Immortal teamfight by using their signature coordination to quickly take out Sylvanas and slow down Black’s momentum.

The tables were turned against Black as Dami’s fearless Greymane took out enemies in quick succession. With the experience lead, TS destroyed bottom keep and went on to finish the game after the scoring a three-man kill.

Game 2: Towers of Doom

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Zagara, Zeratul
▶ Pick: Rehgar (Hide), Tychus (Lockdown), E.T.C. (Dami), Tyrael (HongCoNo), Falstad (duckdeok)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Sgt. Hammer
▶ Pick: Greymane (Sake), Medivh (Rich), Brightwing (merryday), Abathur (KyoCha), Muradin (Sign)

TS took the first and second altars thanks to the tactical positioning of Sgt. Hammer, but KyoCha’s Abathur soak kept Black in the game. In a level 10 teamfight around altars, Black finally got the upper hand by getting the jump the enemy team and taking the altar.

TS stood their ground in response to Rich’s phenomenal Medivh harass. They were able to pick off Sign’s Muradin, but the tide of battle shifted toward Black once they took out E.T.C. and Tychus in another teamfight around the altars. Afterwards, Black caught E.T.C. out of position again and pushed TS back to even the score to 1-1.

Game 3: Infernal Shrines

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: E.T.C., Zagara
▶ Pick: Rehgar (Hide), Li-Ming (Lockdown), Thrall (Dami), Muradin (HongCoNo), Sgt. Hammer (duckdeok)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Falstad
▶ Pick: Tychus (Sake), Greymane (Rich), Brightwing (merryday), Tassadar (KyoCha), Tyrael (Sign)

In Game 3, TS got the first Punisher thanks to strategic positioning from Sgt. Hammer. During the next shrine, Black went for a flank to quickly take out Hammer, but TS quickly responded by picking off Greymane and destroying the bottom fort, despite the firepower from Sake’s Odin.

Black tried to flank Hammer with Tyrael and Greymane again when the next shrine spawned, and this time they finally succeeded in securing a shrine. TS burst down Brightwing, but Black retaliated by dropping Thrall and winning another Punisher for the team. With the help of the Frozen Punisher, Black won the following teamfight and took their second win of the series.

Game 4: Sky Temple

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Zagara, Falstad
▶ Pick: Brightwing (Hide), Li-Ming (Lockdown), Zeratul (Dami), Muradin (HongCoNo), Lunara (duckdeok)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Greymane
▶ Pick: Tychus (Sake), Tyrael (Rich), Kharazim (merryday), Sylvanas (KyoCha), E.T.C. (Sign)

The series was at match point for MVP Black, but TS reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out Lunara. The early stage of the game was very even with minimal differences in experience. There was even an unbelievably close teamfight around level 11 where neither team lost a member. With the game being as close as it was, it all came down to objectives.

Dami dropped a pivotal Void Prison during a teamfight at the bottom Temple and swung the game in TS’s favor, allowing them to capture the Boss. From there, TS kept the lead with Lockdowns’s flawless positioning in subsequent teamfights. Lockdown’s Li-Ming dominated the late game using Archon, and Dami’s Zeratul denied every Sanctification with VP. Now the match had come to one final game.

Game 5: Cursed Hollow

[Tempo Storm]
▶ Ban: Illidan, Medivh
▶ Pick: Brightwing (Hide), Li-Ming (Lockdown), E.T.C. (Dami), Arthas (HongCoNo), Zagara (duckdeok)

[MVP Black]
▶ Ban: Tyrael, Sgt. Hammer
▶ Pick: Falstad (Sake), Greymane (Rich), Rehgar (merryday), Abathur (KyoCha), Muradin (Sign)

In final game of the match, Tempo made the strategic decision to sacrifice E.T.C. and take an early Tribute while trading forts. Black tilted the balance in their favor when they secured a Tribute and subsequently took down another fort due to Sign’s stunning Muradin plays. Despite the significant poke damage from Li-Ming, Black took the next Tribute and chained it into a Boss capture thanks to the momentum they had gained.

It was Black that initiated the level 13 teamfight at the next Tribute. However, they failed to finish off HongCoNo’s Arthas, and duckdeok’s Zagara caught multiple Black members in Devouring Maw; after a successful teamfight, Tempo Storm was able to get the final tribute and curse their opponents. Black was able to hold off Tempo Storm’s aggression with the Boss under curse, but they still ended up losing their bottom keep.

Then the next Tribute spawned, and it was time for Black to exact revenge with their own curse. The circumstances changed completely in favor of MVP Black. They had no reason to wait and quickly picked off enemy Brightwing to take the game and win the match 3-2. The highly anticipated match between two champions concluded in blaze of glory. In the end, MVP Black got their revenge.

HotS Super League 2016 Season 4 Semifinals Result

2nd Match Final Score: MVP Black 3 vs. 2 Tempo Storm

1st game: MVP Black L vs. W Tempo Storm Battlefield of Eternity
2nd game: MVP Black W vs. L Tempo Storm Towers of Doom
3rd game: MVP Black W vs. L Tempo Storm Infernal Shrines
4th game: MVP Black L vs. W Tempo Storm Sky Temple
5th game: MVP Black W vs. L Tempo Storm Cursed Hollows


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