Upcoming Hearthstone patch sees more than 15 Battlegrounds, card changes

Kael'thas Sunstrider is being nerfed. ▲ Image sources: Blizzard Entertainment


The Hearthstone development team kicked off a new week with a bang, releasing details of the upcoming 18.0.2 patch coming in a few days. In Monday's blog post, more than a dozen changes to champions and units in the title's Battlegrounds game mode went along with two cards receiving nerfs in the traditional card game.


The following upcoming changes are as follows:


Collectible card game balance changes

▲ No longer will Kael'thas permit Druid to go nuclear when it comes to draw and damage for free.
▲ Illucia, a strong disruption card, will cost a little bit more.


Battlegrounds changes


In addition to the unit and champion alterations below, the game mode's development team announced that Gentle Megasaur and Arcane Cannon will be removed from the minion pool. Further, Lady Vashj has been removed from the Battlegrounds Hero pool and Galakrond's freeze ability now will impact units added to Bob's Tavern as well.


▲ The deathrattle scaler will be a little bit stronger.
▲ Rat Pack (and his swarm of minions) will be a little harder to get early.
▲ Early beast builds will be getting buffed, both theoretically and literally.
▲ Macaw will now pack a little more punch with his attacks.
▲ You can now get Lookout one Tavern Tier earlier, but hitting King Bagurgle will be tougher.
▲ Nat Pagle's interaction completely changes with this rework.
▲ You can reliably buff your beasts earlier, opposed to waiting until Tavern Tier 6.
▲ After being moved from Tavern Tier 5 to 6, Goldrinn's deathrattle will now pack more of a punch.
▲ Eudora won't be able to wack opponents as hard as early.
▲ Reno's hero power is being buffed...again. Can't get much lower than 0 mana, right?
▲ Arthas and Reno must have been in the development team's ear. Both hero powers are now free.


With more than a dozen changes scheduled to go live in the upcoming days, the Hearthstone development team hopes to mix up the playing experience for fans of the auto chess, the CCG or both.

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