Master Roshi is the next DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Bandai Namco announced earlier today on its Dragon Ball FighterZ Show that Master Roshi would be the next playable character to join the DBFZ cast. Master Roshi will be released in September, and will be the first dlc character in season 3 since Ultra Instinct Goku, who was released in May.


Dragon Ball FighterZ features characters from every era of the Dragon Ball mythos, both canon and non-canon, and Master Roshi will surely be a harkening to the simpler, fond times of Dragon Ball. That being said, Roshi also fought in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, selected over Yamcha for his mystical ties and veteran tactics. and was able to showcase a keen mastery of his Kamehameha Wave.


Roshi has also retained the ability to buff his muscles significantly for maximum power throughout the Dragon Ball canon, as was present in Tournament of Power, and the max power boost the Turtle Hermit gives himself will surely be a part of his moveset in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Outside of a September release window, not much has been revealed about Master Roshi or his moveset, though a full combat breakdown will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show.



Master Roshi has been a popular DLC choice amongst the community, especially professional players, for the entirety of season 3, and the reception following the announcement on Sunday morning has been overwhelmingly positive. Bandai Namco has slowed down the frequency of its DLC characters in season 3, but in terms of quality, Master Roshi looks to be potentially even more anticipated than Ultra Instinct Goku was in May.




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