KT Aiming: "I almost missed the pentakill because Smeb didn’t help. I hope he helps out next time."


On the 14th (KST), kt Rolster swept SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split. It was a massacre for SeolHaeOne Prince as kt Rolster demolished them in both games. Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram had an incredible performance on Caitlyn in the second game, scoring a pentakill and collecting 19 kills overall. He joined the press room for an interview after the match.



Congratulations on today’s win. How do you feel?


I feel really good that we won 2-0. We needed to win all the matches to have a shot at the playoffs so I’m very happy that we took a step closer.

There were many fights involved in the match today. Was it intended?


We set our target on objectives or fights. If we were able to gather faster, we tried to engage, and they didn’t back off in any fights so there were a lot of fights and kills.

Why did the team substitute Malrang in for bonO in game 2?


I think our head coach switched them to improve as a team. We need to work well in whatever composition. I think that was the reason.

Ucal helped you pick up a pentakill. How do you feel about the second pentakill of your career?


I didn’t know that I would get a pentakill. I felt it coming when I got a triple kill. Since my teammates thought of me and helped me out, I was able to get it.

Does it feel different from your first ever pentakill?


When I got my first pentakill, I was really excited, probably because it was my first time. This time, I felt that the team victory is more important so the excitement didn’t go that long. I scaled really well and I just felt good that I got a penta.

If you had just one more kill, you would have had 20 kills. That probably would be more regretful.


I’ve never seen 20 kills by one player in an official match before, so I wanted to reach that feat. But my teammates really liked getting kills, they took it. [Laughs] That’s a bit regretful.

Many people evaluate Caitlyn to be really strong, but she has a low win rate in the LCK. What do you think of Caitlyn?


Caitlyn has good damage and a decent escape skill. She’s quite alright. The evaluation may vary by team, but if the team tries to strengthen her advantages, she’s a good pick.

Do you think Caitlyn is a top tier champ?


I think she would be a top tier. Caitlyn and Ashe both have their strengths.

Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs, who you’re competing against for the last spot in the playoffs. What mindset do you have going into that match?


That match is literally our last chance to get to the playoffs. We’ll be analyzing them in thought that we’ll do everything we can in that match. We’ll need to prepare well by learning how they play.

What kind of team can utilize Caitlyn well and which team can’t?


I’m not sure which team can’t, but Caitlyn has multiple power spikes. She’s strong in the early game and weak in the mid game. If you take enough benefits through her early advantage, the mid game can go alright. All teams interpret differently on how to get through the mid game.

Any last comments?


I almost missed the pentakill because Smeb didn’t help. I hope he helps out next time. [Laughs]

How is Smeb within the team?


Smeb is known to be a delightful person. He treats me well. He’s the mood maker of the team.

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