The cute and cool aesthetic of jianghu.e's artwork.

All art by jianghu.e


Whenever I think of Summer, I think of arcades.

The weather is perfectly warm with a cool breeze and I hear the chirps of the loud arcade cabinets and the familiar sea of clicks and button presses everywhere. I smell the popcorn and my pocket is loaded with some sort of coin that stacks perfectly. Somewhere, shouting can be heard, but it's the kind that raises no alarms.  It's a Friday after school.


That is what I think of whenever I see jianghu.e's art. Using texture, warmth is applied to otherwise cool synthetic surfaces like keyboards, arcade cabinets, and stylish shoes. To me, it creates a feeling of overwhelming nostalgia while also feeling new and fresh.

Kick back, relax, and try to remember summer as you scroll through this art.




If you enjoy this art, please follow the artist on Instagram (or Twitter!@jian ghu.e

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