Golden Guardians speedrun the LCS Playoffs, beating TSM in a 3-0 sweep

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Golden Guardians started off the Playoffs with an upset over TSM, sweeping them in a quick three game series. Golden Guardians finished the League Championship Series Summer Split at 9-9, three games down from TSM's own 12-6, making up the largest gap in the standings across the entire LCS, but more than made up for those three games here today. 


Golden Guardians took the red side in both Game 1 and 2, with similar comps in each game, fielding Sett, Ziggs, Ashe, and Morgana in each game. The only change was from Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell in the top lane, switching from Morde in Game 1 to Gangplank in Game 2. In both games, Golden Guardians stacked drakes quickly and would eventually win fights around objectives that netted them Barons. With the strong frontline and engage CC, and with Zigg's incredible ability to mow down turrets, GG would just crash into the base taking structure after structure in the late game.


To add insult to injury, after a minor slip up in Game 2 getting aced in TSM's base, they triple teleported into their base to backdoor a single nexus turret and win the game.



In Game 3, TSM switched to the red side, saving the counter pick for themselves, finally revealing their first-round Sett pick would end up on Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, giving Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik the last pick and advantage top side. Once again, Golden Guardians took drake after drake, and winning out on many of the skirmishes and larger teamfights happening around them. Not only that, but Victor "FBI" Huang created another huge bot lane advantage on the opposite matchup from Games 1 and 2, showcasing his strength in the laning phase, beating out the winningest Bot Laner himself in Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" Peng. 


Golden Guardians will go on to face either Team Liquid or Cloud9 next week on their path through the LCS Summer Split Playoffs; TSM will face Dignitas on Saturday in the Losers' Bracket for a chance to climb back up and make it to Worlds. 



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