Battlestation Aesthetics 101: Cute, clean, and pink

How adorable is this station?!


As high-end gaming hardware becomes more available to consumers, the typical furniture surrounding an average gamers PC has changed. Before, the only place a gamer could go to experience a beautiful gaming atmosphere was an arcade or a LAN Center. Now, it is common for dedicated fans to put their designer minds (and their wallets) to work, creating a customized and personalized representation of their gaming style and attitude.


In other words, the rising popularity of customized aesthetics in gaming stations is just another sign of gaming and fashion colliding, and we at Inven Culture are huge fans. We took to one of our favorite gaming subreddits, r/battlestations, and have curated some of our favorite user submissions that we think are cute.


Let us know which ones are your favorites!




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We love the speakers and how well they frame an otherwise normal monitor. Pink and White is a popular color combo and the NZXT case is a smart "build around" piece to this setup.


Extra credit for the analog phone and neatly organized collectibles -- this battle station is top-tier cute. 



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While this setup feels slightly cramped, the devotion to pink here is so thorough, the overall aesthetic is redeemed. In fact, the entire room where this computer sits seems cute, which is a testament to what a little thought can do to an otherwise uninspired collection of gaming devices. 


The LG monitor being black is a turn-off, but the Reaper figurine manages to pull it all together.



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The LED panels really round out the autumn theme to this room. Furthermore, the fantastic wall of mangas makes the whole setup feel much more pointed and complete. 



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This is a very nice setup. The sole use of white components keeps the space uniform, while the decorations on the wall help add a little personality.



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This may be the cutest battlestation of the bunch. Each separate piece falls right in line with the cute theme, and the addition of the soft RBG adds a lot, keeping in line with the feel of the space while simultaneously adding more colors to the otherwise pink-dominated station.



 ▲ Original post here


We love the choice to pair matching pinks for everything on the desk. From keyboard to mouse to headset and even to the cup, everything fits perfectly. Extra kudos for the skinned Playstation to make that a perfect fit as well! And of course, the League of Legends figures add a nice splash of personality to keep things from becoming too simple.


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