ROX SeongHwan: "We didn't struggle today, so we'll do fine in three days as well"

On March 1st (KST), ROX Tigers defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 in the first matchup of Day 22 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam OGN eStadium. Specifically, Seonghwan “SeongHwan” Yun made notable contributions as if to make up for his past slump.

Below is the post-match press interview with SeongHwan.



How do you feel about the today’s victory?

It’s my first 2-0 sweep of the season, and it feels good to get a clean win.

This is your first match since IEM World Championship. Did the experience at IEM help today?

I think beating H2K, one of powerhouses in EU LCS, benefited the team’s momentum.

Do you have regrets about not winning IEM?

I had some regrets about the semifinals, in which we almost won. I do think that not winning IEM may turn out to be a blessing in disguise because we’re now more focused on LCK.

You faced off against enemy jungler Sunghyeon “UmTi” Um. Since you two are both relatively new LCK junglers, how did you prepare for the today’s match?

I haven’t had much time to prepare specifically against Jin Air because of the IEM schedule. I didn’t think too much about the enemy jungler. Instead, I told myself to play as a part of the team.

Game 1 was pretty even until the midway point. When did you think that the game was in your favor?

I knew the game was going our way when we downed Baron. I was also reminded of our eminent victory when Jin Air huddled to toplane, leaving mid and bottom open.

You picked off Rengar by counter jungling in Game 2.

Although I was aware that Rengar already used his Flash, I didn’t know he was going for the red buff when I thought he was doing his jungle routine in Blue. I guess I lucked out.

Some people say you have polarizing performances depending on champion proficiency. Any thoughts?

I do pretty well with other champions in scrims, but I don’t seem do play well on tournaments. I guess it’s partly due to my nerves. I think my performance will fare better as I gain more experience.

You have a rematch against Jin Air in three days.

We didn’t struggle to win against them today, so I think we’ll be fine in terms of performance three days later.

Any last words?

I’m sorry that I haven’t been playing to my fullest, which affected many other people. Since the team is on a winning streak and I’m more experienced, I hope people look more favorably on me. I want to thank my coach for helping me grow as a player.

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