T1 Canna: "I’ve always thought Nuguri’s an incredible player. I haven’t talked to him yet, but I want to get close to him."


On the 13th (KST), T1 dominated Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split. It was a clean 2-0 victory for them, as they collected their 6th straight win and their 12th overall win to tie themselves with Gen.G at 3rd place. In the match, Kim “Canna” Chang-dong and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan had top-notch performances and were voted as players of the game. The analyst desk interviewed them after the match.



How do you feel about today’s win? Canna collected 1,000 POG points with today’s POG.


Canna: It feels that I’m here often, so I’m happy. It’s more meaningful since it’s a clean 2-0 victory.


Cuzz: I saw the POG votes, and I was really happy that the jungle got 12 votes. I think we were able to win because we executed the plays we wanted properly. That made the win more satisfying.

T1 played Senna and Lucian. Is it a new attempt in preparation for the playoffs?


Canna: We’ve always been saying this, but we’re preparing all the picks. Other teams should do away with the thought that T1 doesn’t use Senna.

Spirit had said that he’d be playing jungle Lillia in today’s match. Were you aware of that?


Cuzz: Since I can play Lillia too, I didn’t mind. Whenever a new pick appears, they get analyzed and researched, so it wasn’t much of a concern.

How do you think Lillia is?


Cuzz: I often play her in solo queue. I carry with her often; I think she’s pretty good. As for appearing on stage, there’s a chance for any champion to appear in our games.

Canna picked Lucian without any intention to swap. Was it out of confidence?


Canna: There were many top champions banned. Since I played Lucian often in solo queue, I appealed that I want to play Lucian more during our scrims.

Who’s better at Lucian between you and Teddy?


Canna: Obviously, Teddy’s good at Lucian. But I think I’m better than him at top Lucian.

Canna had said that Cuzz doesn’t look after top lane much.


Cuzz: There’s kind of a misunderstanding there. [Laughs] Canna seldom calls me. He would probably be ranked first in not calling in their jungle.


Canna: The reason I don’t call him… Is because the other lanes look for Cuzz often. I don’t call him to relieve him from pressure. But I do hope he visits more often. It was really comfortable playing today since he visited often and made many shotcalls.

Cuzz is in charge of the main shotcalls recently. How was it today?


Cuzz: We executed well what we practiced and what we prepared. It was great that Canna hit hard with Lucian.

Many fans say that T1’s performance is coming back up. What do you think?


Cuzz: We still have two matches left against strong teams. We’ve been showing what we’ve been preparing well, and practicing well. I’d like to maintain what we’ve been doing so that we can win in the remaining matches.


Canna: Our performances got a lot more stable than early in the season. I’d like to keep going so that we win all the remaining games. 

We’re curious about to whom T1’s belt would go to today. Who do you think will get it today?


Cuzz: Clozer? I think it’s Clozer today.


Canna: I think it’s Cuzz.


Cuzz: Honestly, since I can’t say myself, I said Clozer. [Laughs]

You have matches against DAMWON Gaming and DRX in the last week. Until then, you have a break. How will you be preparing?


Cuzz: Whoever our opponent is, it’s important to make our plays right. I think we’ll be preparing in that direction.

Nuguri had said that he’s been watching Canna closely. A word to him?


Canna: I’ve always thought Nuguri’s an incredible player. I haven’t talked to him yet, but I want to get close to him.

How about a word to Canyon?


Cuzz: I think Canyon’s a really good player. I’ll do my best to beat him.


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