Sneaky says he's interested in returning to the LCS in 2021

Photo by: Riot Games


In a recent interview with Travis Gafford, former Cloud9 AD Carry Zach "Sneaky" Scuderi expressed interest in potentially returning to LCS pro play as soon as next year. 


"I’m really up there for opportunities, I think I will be more actively looking for a pro play opportunity coming up for next year," Sneaky told Gafford.



If it goes through, Sneaky's return to professional play could very well become a leading storyline in the LCS next year. A two-times LCS winner and with five Worlds playoffs appearances, including semifinal finish in 2018, Sneaky is one of the most decorated AD Carries of the region. A member of Cloud9 since 2013, the American has been instrumental to the organization's consistency, especially when it comes to World Championship campaigns, not to mention his enormous fan base he's gathered from streaming and cosplay. 


Sneaky officially retired in January this year, but remained on Cloud9's as co-owner and advisor. Even then, however, he hinted that this is not a permanent retirement, leaving the door open to a potential return. 




Depending on what Sneaky ends up doing and where he ends up going, it might cause a conflict of interest with his current employment as part-owner of Cloud9. If the AD Carry ends up going to another team, he will likely have to give up his ownership position at the reigning LCS champions.


Meanwhile, the 2020 LCS Spring Split has entered its playoffs stage and for Cloud9 it is an opportunity to repeat their title. C9 was the team that ended Team Liquid's four-split hegemony over the region with a dominant performance in Spring and despite trailing off at the end of the Summer Split, they are still very much among the favorites for the #1 seed for Worlds. 

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