DRX Doran: "I hope Nuguri saw me play from the waiting room and thought that I played well."


On August 8th (KST), DRX defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. Despite the slight struggle in game 1, they dominated the second game to claim their 13th win of the season. In the match, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon had outstanding performances and were voted as players of the games. They were interviewed by the analyst desk after the match.



How do you feel about the win today?


Deft: It was the first match we had in the new 10.15 patch. It was a good chance for us to check the draft tiers we set. I feel good that our experiments were worthwhile.


Doran: I feel good that we won.

You picked Ashe and Morgana in both games, letting through Caitlyn. Was there a specific reason?


Deft: The Ashe-Caitlyn matchup is kind of a new one in this patch. We’ve been gathering data, and I also thought of playing Caitlyn myself, but since they picked her, I played Ashe.

Morgana also turned out to be a great pick. How is Morgana?


Deft: Morgana has a sure CC, so I have more freedom in picking which spell to choose. Keria is also great at landing Morgana’s Q skill, so I think she’s a good champion.

Doran picked Irelia in the first game. What was your intention?


Doran: It seemed that Irelia got buffed, and I thought of her as a counter against Jayce, so I tried her. I don’t feel that she was buffed too much, though.

You utilized Ashe’s Lv.6 timing well, hitting the dragon. Did you plan that using the spell difference, by taking Teleport when Caitlyn took Cleanse?


Deft: The dragon fight itself was planned, but we didn’t plan it that detailed. We started the dragon thinking that we’re stronger. They didn’t avoid the fight and we had good results.

How is it talking to PawN on the analyst desk? Is it awkward?


Deft: He looks good there. [Laughs]

Game 1 got longer compared to the lead you had. What was the reason?


Doran: We could have taken the Rift Herald, but there were a few mistakes there, so we weren’t able to. There was strong feedback as soon as the game was over. [Laughs]

Keria and Deft are staying together more this season compared to spring. Is it because of the meta?


Deft: I think the biggest reason is that I play picks with less priority. It’s not that Keria isn’t roaming around anymore; it’s simply he can’t.

Doran and Pyosik carried game 2. How was it?


Doran: Pyosik played Volibear really well today. Since we picked up kills when he ganked top lane, I got stronger.

Pyosik said that you two are tied with destiny. What do you think?


Doran: I’d say that I agree for days like today.

You played against Summit. Fans often say that you’re strong against strong top laners but if they don’t play well, you don’t play well together. What do you think?


Doran: I always think the opponent is a strong player, but sometimes I play well, and sometimes I don’t.

You had 5 solo kills in game 2. It’s the most solo kills in one game this season.


Doran: Lucian is known as a counter for Kennen, but if Kennen gets priority, he can keep killing the opponent. The first few steps went well, so it went on.

Deft had a different item build. Usually, Ashe builds Blade of the Ruined King first, but you built Essence Reaver first.


Deft: I looked at the data and it seemed that it was better when I build Essence Reaver first. 

Your next match is against Hanwha Life Esports. What are your resolutions?


Deft: Hanwha Life Esports has been playing better lately. We won’t be careless and do our best. Although we might not be able to end up in 1st place on our own, we’ll still keep doing our best.

Any last comments?


Doran: DAMWON Gaming is playing in the next match today. I hope Nuguri saw me play from the waiting room and thought that I played well.



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