AF Ben: "Mystic gave me a lot of advice about married life... His advice didn’t help at all."


On the 7th (KST), Afreeca Freecs defeated Team Dynamics in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. Afreeca Freecs support, Nam “Ben” Dong-hyeon, played Nautilus and Karma to contribute to the team’s victory. After the match, Ben joined the media room for a post-match interview.



How do you feel about winning today’s match?


I thought we would win, but the match was harder than expected. We need more improvements.

Did the games not go as intended?


During game 1, we had too many mistakes. We should have lost it but won. As for game 2, we didn’t deal well with their tactics.

You haven’t been losing against the lower teams but also haven’t been winning against the top teams. This would be a problem if you were to go to the playoffs. What have you been discussing within the team?


There’s something everyone on the team feels. We need to play well against the top teams first, so we’ll be raising our form, preparing well to play against the stronger teams for the playoffs. It’s important for all five members to bring up our forms.

You’ve been playing with Mystic for quite a long time, so you probably know the most about him. What are his strengths and weaknesses?


His strengths would be that he’s good at both laning and teamfights. During the laning phase, he evades opponent skills well. When he starts hitting them, you can feel that he’s really good. His weakness would be that he doesn’t always make the best decision. Sometimes, he makes bad decisions in important teamfights.

You two are both married. Do you ever talk about married life and family?


Mystic got married first and had a kid first so I heard many things. Especially, he gave me a lot of advice about married life, when wives are tired and how to help them. The problem is, his advice didn’t help at all. [Laughs]

Isn’t it difficult being married as an active pro gamer?


My wife is Chinese, so she’s in China right now. I wasn’t able to see her from the start of this year because of the coronavirus. It’s been almost 10 months already. I really want to see her and the baby. Fortunately, the coronavirus situation in China is a lot better than back then.

You’ll be playing your next match against T1. Spirit said that he’ll be playing Lillia jungle. How do you think Lillia is?


If Spirit’s confident, he would play her. She appeared often in solo queue and it did look good. But I don’t know how she would be in scrims.

Any last comments?


I’d like to say a word to my teammates. Our goal was to reach the playoffs, but now that we’re almost there, I think we should change our goal to get to Worlds and do well there.



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