T1 Clozer: "The fact that I'm playing in place of Faker makes me feel really good. It's like a dream come true."


As soon as Clozer became eligible to play in the LCK, he debuted in the league and has been delivering fantastic performances. Showing off his mechanics, he's already been making T1 fans happy through his performance. On the 6th, we were able to catch up with Clozer for his first video interview with Inven. Have a look into what he had to say!



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What kind of mid laner are you? 


I can say that I'm a "very aggressive" mid laner.

It was your third win already. How satisfied are you with today's performance?


There are a few regrets with today's match but there are several situations that I was satisfied with, so I'm pretty satisfied with my overall performance today.

You were confident starting from your debut. Did you prepare your mind for long?


Yes, I had prepared for about a week, playing scrims while thinking that I might be able to play on stage. I just thought that I should show as much as I can and eased my mind.

What does it mean to you to play in T1?


I could feel proud of simply being a player of T1, but the fact that I'm playing in place of Faker makes me feel really good. It's like a dream come true.

Doesn't all the attention and expectations pressure you?


It is a lot of pressure but despite the pressure, it would be right to continue to show good performances.

What does Faker mean to you?


To me, since I joined T1, Faker is... I learned a lot from him, and he's really nice. He's someone I really respect.

Did you learn a lot from Faker?


Within the game, watching Faker play, his calls or plays, I get to think 'wow, this could be done that way'. I learned a lot from him.

Have you talked to him a lot? Are you getting used to his dad jokes?


I'm still awkward around him, so I don't start conversations much yet. Last time, after my first match, he complimented me that I did well. His dad jokes… I haven't heard them right close yet.

Faker may be a great teammate, but at the same time, he's your rival for mid lane.


I really like Faker, and he's someone to respect. But as much as I also have to compete for the starting spot, I'll be doing my best. Although I lack a lot compared to Faker, I should keep working hard so that I can catch up.

Are you getting along well with the other teammates and the coaching staff?


Yes. While playing today, my teammates looked after me a lot. And the coaching staff told me to just play as much as I played during scrims, then I'd do well. So I played comfortably.

Who looks after you the most?


I think that would be my roommate, Ellim.

Is there a player that you'd like to get closer to?


I want to get closer to Faker.

Will you be able to stand his jokes?


I haven't heard them yet... But I think I can.

Which mid laner are you aware of the most?


It's Chovy. I met him often in solo queue. From that, it seemed that he's a player that's just simply good at everything in LoL. So I'm aware of him the most.

If you have a role model, who is it?


My role model is Crown.

What's your ultimate goal as a pro player?


My ultimate goal is to win Worlds.

What would you have to improve to reach your goal?


I need to improve my plays and regretful parts. Watch a lot of competitions, and I would need hard work in many areas.

What kind of mid laner do you want to become?


I want to become a mid laner that's recognized by others. I want everyone to think that this mid laner is strong and trustworthy.

Is there anything that you want from T1?


I haven't actually thought about that. I'm satisfied with everything.

A word to the fans?


Thank you for all the attention you're giving me. If I am to play again, I'll continue to show good performances. Please cheer for me.

And a word to your teammates?


Everyone, thank you for always looking after me. It would be hard to just compete in the league, but you always give me good advice. I hope we could continue to be together. Thank you.



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