T1 Coach Comet explains the difference between Clozer and Faker


On the 6th (KST), T1 defeated SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split and collected their 4th straight win. It was a clean victory for T1. After the match, T1 coach Lim “Comet” Hye-sung joined the press room to talk about the recent performances T1 has been delivering.



How do you feel about today’s win?


To continue to compete for a higher position, we really needed to win today. Although there were a few mistakes in game 2, we managed to win in a different way from how we used to win, so I think it was a positive victory.

Clozer has been starting recently. How did the team think of him and how is he in the official matches?


We always thought Clozer was really good and he’s doing even better during the games. He would have felt a lot of pressure, but I’m proud of him. We’ve been preparing for the postseason. When Faker plays and when Clozer plays, our style changes drastically. If we do, the opponent has to prepare a different draft. Clozer is a Youtube monster; he has amazing mechanics. The champions he’s good at are different from Faker so that’s another advantage for us.

Many fans say that Cuzz’s performance also got better with Clozer playing.


I think that’s just a difference with the picks. We’ve been picking champions that can gain priority and Cuzz is playing accordingly. It’s not that Cuzz has better performance now. He’s always been good.

Canna improved a lot. As a coach, what do you think it is that made him grow so much?


Canna practices really hard. There is a specific amount of time that players should practice during a day, but he even works hard during his break time. He’s been doing that since spring split. I believe his hard work is paying off.

Teddy and Effort had said recently that they’ve been not doing well and that they’ll work harder. How was the feedback after that?


We told them to capitalize on their strengths when they can win in lane. They’re both extremely smart players so they always think about the opponent jungler’s path. We told them to play aggressively if they can survive.

T1 head coach Kim said that he always aims for an exciting game. How close are you to your goal in that matter?


I believe that we’re not even half as good as the top three teams, DAMWON Gaming, DRX, and Gen.G in terms of playing aggressively. We aim to be aggressive and the players are now getting accustomed to that play. They’re quite used to it now, but every situation and pick are different, so sometimes they’re not able to do so.

You didn’t ban Caitlyn, which became one of the best picks in the new patch.


We didn’t expect them to pick Caitlyn as their first pick. We even considered picking her, since we thought that they’d pick either Volibear or Sett. Still, since we thought that we’re better than they are, we weren’t that worried. It was worth giving them Caitlyn considering what we took in the draft.

There was more than one kill per minute in game 2. What did you say while watching in the waiting room?


Coach Kim first said that it’s okay, saying that they learn through dying. But later, he started to say, “Isn’t this too much?” [Laughs] I thought we’d still win, so I said that it was okay. I believe he said that since we shouldn’t be careless.

You’ll be meeting higher-ranked teams now. Which match is the most important?


There is not a single match that’s not important. We’re in the middle of changing, so it wouldn’t be odd to lose to any team. Regardless of the result, if we can take something back every match, we’ll be able to show good performances in the postseason.


If I were to pick just one match that’s the most important, it would be our next match against Team Dynamics. We lost to them in round 1, and it’s an important matchup to reach the postseason.

Any last comments you’d like to say?


We’ll do our best in preparation for the remaining matches so that we can close the season with good results. And after that, I’d like to get to Worlds.




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