An early look at League of Legends' next leaked champion, Samira

▲ Screenshot from Streamie's YouTube


Riot Games and League of Legends have had a busy summer, with multiple recent champion releases accompanied by the largest event since their inception a few years ago. Despite Lillia hitting the client in Patch 10.15 and Yone coming in 10.16, there are already two new champions with details being leaked, meaning they may not be too far behind. The vast majority of what we know so far comes from a Brazilian YouTuber, Streamie, who leaked Yone's release earlier this month.


The first champ is Samira, a rogue-like woman from Shurima, wielding a pistol and dagger combo. Riot has previously mentioned they were making a new Bot Laner with some assassin like qualities. While that could be in relation to Yone, whose kit is a mix up of Yasuo, Zed, and Camille, it's quite likely that Samira is actually the champion to which they were originally referring. 


There isn't much information out about her kit yet besides the weapons she wields, but there are two brief descriptions of her abilities. She reportedly has a damage deflect ability similar to Irelia's Defiant Dance and a machine gun ultimate, similar to Katarina's Death Lotus. Samira is also rumored to have some floral design aspects, revealing a rose if she hits her ult on all five enemies, further aligning her with Katarina. 


Streamie said her kit is supposed to be simple, yet flashy and fun, in hopes that she is accessible for all levels of play and who can maybe become the next big target for skins down the line, joining Senna, Kai'Sa, Lux, Ahri, etc. She also has reportedly received her own emote already, shown by Argentinian content creator, Julex. 



This emote appears to be in line with other PsyOps skins that have just been teased by Riot for an upcoming patch, meaning Samira's full launch could be rather soon if she debuts along with the rest of the PsyOps skin line. The second champion has relatively no real information yet available, other than it will be a musical themed Mid Laner named Seraphine. 



Yone is still yet to make his debut in the live server, but prepare yourselves for another champion coming soon after, and likely one more before the end of the year. 



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