League of Legends Patch 10.16 brings Yone to Summoner's Rift; nerfs Nimbus Cloak


League of Legends Patch 10.16 is one of gargantuan proportions. In addition to a slew of buffs and nerfs to nearly 30 champions, 10.16 will introduce Yasuo's brother, Yone, to Summmoner's Rift. Nimbus Cloak, a staple rune in the current meta that is part of the Sorcery tree, will also be receiving nerfs.


The Unforgotten arrives


Yasuo's brother Yone has long been a part of League of Legends lore, even showing up as a Legends of Runeterra card earlier this year. Yone's arrival on Summoner's Rift as the 150th champion has been built up for years, and the swordsman will be sporting a Spirit Blossom skin as his first non-base cosmetic as a champion. Yone's epithet is The Unforgotten, which parallels Yasuo's epithet, The Unforgiven. Look for the brothers to have some unique dialogue when interacting on the rift.


Yone's biography, champion insights, rundown of abilities, and of course, the phenomenal animated short surrounding Yone titled 'Kin of the Stained Blade' can be accessed now leading up to Yone's release. 



Buffs & Nerfs


17 champions are receiving buffs on Patch 10.17, and the group consists of champions already in the meta, as well as some dominant picks of seasons past. Akali, who has spent the majority of her post-rework existence being an absolute terror in either solo lane, has fallen off slightly in 2020 and will be receiving buffs to the damage of her Five Point Strike. Her Shuriken Flip will now deal magic damage instead of physical damage.


Classic marksmen hypercarries Jinx and Tristana, as well as Jhin, will be shaking up the bot lane pool. Yasuo will be celebrating his brother's arrival on Summoner's Rift with a buff to his Last Breath's damage scaling. Miss Fortune, Morgana, Hecarim, Veigar and Rakan, all of who have been present in the meta in some capacity prior to Patch 10.16, are receiving very light touchups.


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Nimbus Cloak's nerf will impact the meta heavily due to its popularity and viability for several champions. By granting a speed boost after using a Summoner Spell, Nimbus Cloak is a wonderful defensive tool for squishy, immobile mages like Syndra and Orianna to be safe as League of Legends' mobility creep continues to trend upward. In addition, Nimbus Cloak is an excellent offensive tool for champions like Olaf, Darius, or Vladimir and makes Teleport flanks from base even more deadly. 


Nimbus Cloak isn't the only nerf being applied in Patch 10.16. 10 champions are being nerfed on the patch, including the recently popular reworked Volibear, who has been a destructive presence in both the top lane and the jungle. Bard might be the best all-around Support champion in the game right now, and while his nerf is simple and small in the form of less base health, it may be enough to force The Wandering Caretaker to be a little more careful on his powerful, dynamic roams. 


Karthus has an incredibly high win rate in four roles and has seen extensive competitive play as a Jungler and a Bot Laner, and Nautilus and Syndra, a pair who have been meta for the majority of the past two years in two roles each, are also getting hit with the bat. 


Changes off the rift


Yone's Spirit Blossom skin will be a part of the second wave of the Spirit Blossom skin set alongside Cassiopeia, Ahri, Riven, and Kindred. Every Spirit Blossom skin will also have eight chromas available, except for Spirit Blossom Ahri, which has five chromas.


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Players looking to sport a new look can do so to properly kick off Ranked Split 3 of the season. The third and final ranked split of the season begins on August 9th at 11:59pm local time, and in addition to usual split rewards, any player who earns 750 Split points will be granted a random series 1 Eternal capsule. Ionia Clash has also begun its recruitment session for players looking to compete with others.


Miscellaneous adjustments round out the massive update that is Patch 10.16. The Nexus Blitz mode will be receiving several adjustments, and quality of life changes will be administered across champions, skins, and the League of Legends client. Lastly, Riot Game will be conducting its first beta test of DX11 support for League of Legends.


Riot Games will also be giving its developers time off, and only the smallest of adjustments will be implemented for 10.17, which is a contributing factor to the size of 10.16 The full 10.16 patch notes can be viewed on the official League of Legends website.



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