It only took five days for someone to make an incredible Killjoy cosplay

▲ Photo by Shattered Light Photography



An incredible cosplay of Killjoy has surfaced only five days after Riot Games' announcement of the new VALORANT agent coming to the game in Act II.  German cosplayer 'farbenfuchs' cosplayed the German agent to perfection in a photoshoot with Shattered Light Photography.



Killjoy was announced last week as the first agent to join VALORANT post-release. Killjoy will be the 12th agent in the VALORANT roster and the first to be revealed since the 11th agent, Reyna, was previewed a few days before the game's release. Killjoy's abilities look to be a departure from the traditional shoot-first style present in many VALORANT agents, instead opting for a more tactical approach to gameplay. 


Killjoy's moveset centers around her slew of robotic inventions. Her Turret can fire at enemies across a 180-degree spread, and Nanoswarm is an explosive that becomes hidden upon landing after being thrown and can be detonated like a C4. Alarmbot is a tracker of enemies and doesn't waste much time once it finds them, exploding upon encounter. Killjoy's ultimate ability, Lockdown, is an invention that can be destroyed by enemies, but not before it detains all enemies in its radius. 


Killjoy will be released tomorrow, August 4, and her tactical approach to combat is bound to wreak some havoc across the VALORANT servers. Because of the unique interactions of Killjoy's kit, players will need some time to adjust, and based on what we've seen so far from interactions involving abilities like Sage's wall, her kit may need some fine-tuning post-release. 


Necessity for potential balancing aside, Killjoy will bring an exciting new flavor to VALORANT and has already inspired one incredible cosplay from the agent's home country, and based on her spiffy streetwear look, it probably won't be the last.



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