The LEC Broadcast crew put their jobs on the line to combat the Neom partnership

▲ Image Source: Froskurrin's Twitter


Multiple members of the League European Championship recently tweeted out their internal response to the LEC's now-reversed partnership with Neom announced yesterday. Upon publication of said partnership, the entire LEC broadcast crew, along with many other Rioters and much of the League community worldwide, shared their disappointment in the Saudi Arabian deal. 


Inven Global spoke with multiple Rioters after the announcement and learned that “There are some Rioters who said, ‘If this isn’t reversed, it will be hard to continue working here'." Included among them were the LEC broadcast members, who have since tweeted out their plans to strike, should the deal go through.



Across social media, and on shows like The Crackdown, the LEC crew and others who were informed of the deal were accused of not doing enough to prevent it in the first place. They address those claims, stating they were all working together to overrule the partnership, even putting their jobs on the line. 



If you haven't yet heard of the LEC Neom deal, please read up on the partnership, backlash, and reversal all linked below. 



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