Prepare your wallets, League of Legends fans... Spirit Blossom merch is here!


Teemo happily toots his way to your wallet.


League of Legends has launched one of its biggest events this season with a bang. Summoners will not only get two new champions and an extensive skin line, but also a brand new merch line featuring from hoodies to figurines.


Riot Games has locked the aim on our wallets, introducing the Spirit Blossom clothing collection. The pieces featured include two hoodies that match, Akana and Kanmei, in the colors black and white, a premium quality bomber jacket with Japanese influences and a Thresh applique on the back, and lastly, the Spirit Blossom Festival Haori. 


Hoodie Series and Haori
Bomber Jacket


For the artistically inclined, the Riot Games merchandise team has prepared a set of prints and posters featuring the gorgeous Spirit Blossom Splash Art, and two packs of exclusive pins, featuring the champions Lillia, Teemo, and Kindred for set one, and the Spirit Blossom mast, Teemo's mushroom and Ahri in spirit form.


Spirit Blossom Posters
Spirit Blossom Pin Set A and B


Lastly,  the Spirit Blossom Festival drop includes a brand new figurine to League of Legends' Series 3 figure line, based on Riven's new design. The pre-order ends on August 31st, 2020, and you can find it here.


Spirit Blossom Riven Figurine


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