Inven Global x T1 - Into the scenes of "Week of Legends"


Last Monday, our very own Daniel "Quest" Kwon joined William "Chobra" Cho for an episode of Week of Legends, T1's weekly LCK content. As a guest, Quest had to talk about and analyze the LCK, while carrying out various "assignments". Chobra was there to lead the show, but they had to go through several cuts to get the proper reel. Not all passed the editing, but it sure was an interesting video shoot. Have a look at what happened behind the scenes of this week's Week of Legends.



▲ Henry Lee, briefing Quest and Chobra how the shoot will go.
▲ Quest: "The microphone goes here..."
▲ It started off talking casually about what happened in the LCK over the past week.
▲ Until the "assignments" came...
▲ Quest trying to talk about LCK without burping.
▲ Chobra: Say Ahhh~
▲ Chobra: "Franchising in the LCK is a 'ery 'ig deal!"
▲ Quest not knowing what will come for him...
▲ Quest: "I feel like a squirrel"
▲ This is one of the most spiciest noodle dishes in Korea.
▲ Voila!
▲ It was Chobra who had to eat it, but Quest showed comradery... and he was hungry.
▲ Chobra's threshold for spicy food was extremely low.
▲ Back to ordinary talk...
▲ Quest's NG... Due to... usage of  *strong* words.
▲ Overall, it was a fun show. Have me back?


▲ The video footage can be found here!

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