[Inven Global X T1] Chobra: "I’d love to talk to Heechul from Super Junior. He's very vocal about his love for esports."

On the set of Week of Legends


On the 27th (KST), Inven Global (the writer of this article, Quest) had a chance to make a guest appearance on T1’s weekly Youtube content, ‘Week of Legends’. After the shoot, Inven Global had a chance to speak with the producer of the show, Henry Lee, and the host of Week of Legends, William “Chobra” Cho. They both shared what they hoped to bring to the audience in terms of LCK content, and stated that they’re in a unique spot to bring different types of esports content.


The following is the interview with the producer and the host of the show, Henry Lee and Chobra respectively.



▲ The latest episode of T1's Week of Legends, featuring the writer of this interview, Quest


How did this show begin?


Henry Lee: We were focused on getting content out on a weekly basis going into the latter half of 2020. Naturally, we landed on an all-things LCK show where we talk about the league from A-Z, for a global audience. The league is a world in and of its own, and we wanted to be the ones to deliver that pulse to the rest of the world. Language shouldn’t be the reason people aren’t able to enjoy different League of Legends regions’ content; ultimately, we’re all here because we love League of Legends, and even more, esports. 


Things started picking up once we got William “Chobra” Cho on the show. That provided us with a platform and foundation to develop the show further and find creative and funny ways to package content so that first and foremost, it was entertaining. We’re still at the early stages and in the process of coming into our skin. I’m excited to see how the show will grow with each episode. 


A lot of esports content is new and uncharted territory. We’re at the stage where ideas are plenty, and there’s going to be a lot more fresh content for our audiences to enjoy. We’re just trying to contribute to that growth.


The producer for Week of Legends, Henry Lee

Is there anything that you want to do on the show, in terms of the fun content on the show?


Henry Lee: It’d be great to have players come on the show in the future, maybe during the off-season. LCK is filled with eccentric and amazing personalities - it’s just a little hard to know because most of the exposure comes from when they’re playing games on broadcast. In other words, when they’re in the “zone”. The league has its Dennis Rodmans, Scottie Pippens, and Michael Jordans too. Getting these players to kick-back and have a chat on Week of Legends is something I am aspiring to and looking forward to. 


Moving beyond as well, it’d be great to have personalities who may not necessarily be involved with League of Legends. For example, musicians, artists, and other celebrities who share a simple love for gaming and esports would all be welcome to come on the show and mess with Chobra, the character of course. 


Who is the one person that you hope to bring onto the show?


Henry Lee: At the moment, YamatoCannon. In the first episode, our guest Josh Ahn talks about him briefly and I think it’d be great to have both of them on for an episode. 


The host of the show, William "Chobra" Cho


What is the main focal point of this show, and what do you hope to bring to the western/global audience?


Chobra: Week of Legends aims to bring LCK news, happenings, and up-to-date statistics and rankings to our viewers. One episode might delve into a specific topic in detail and another episode we might just be playing games; our guest each week has a lot of influence on how the show is developed. To us, our guests - the ones who are often working hard behind the scenes - are each legendary in their own right. The content is there to provide another avenue for our audiences to connect with T1 and esports as a whole.

As the host of this show, what do you hope to bring?


Chobra: When I first started in esports, my biggest goal was similar to what you’ve mentioned to me [on the show], which was bridging the culture gap between Korea to the West. I think that with Week of Legends, we now have the opportunity to bring not only LCK news to the West, but also start to introduce what Korean content can look like.


I’m very honored to work with great people like our head producer and the team at T1, because not only are they very open-minded, but also try new things on the show. I’m hoping to be part of the movement of expanding what esports content can look like. Until now, esports content is all about analysis, breakdowns, and podcasts. I’m not saying those are bad, but they’re pretty saturated at this point in time. 

Is there specific content that you’d hope to do on this show?


Chobra: There’s always a list of content that we think of, depending on who comes on the show as a guest. As we try more and more things, we hope to create content for the fans that may not watch LCK as much, to latch onto. Through it, they hear more LCK player names like Faker or Chovy, and we hope that they stick around through our content. 


I watch a lot of Korean variety shows, so I’m always down to do things like getting pied in the face to getting showered on by ice water. I think those would be fun, but at the same time, be terrible [laughter], and I’ve always wanted to try more of that, so we’ll see.

If you can bring on any guest that you’d like, even outside of esports, who would it be?


Chobra: Although there would be a language barrier and it would be hard to make it work, I’d love to talk to Kim Heechul from Super Junior. He’s very vocal about his love for gaming and esports. While there may be many Korean celebrities that are vocal about gaming, there still aren’t that many that talk about esports.


Back when I was on OGN, I had a chance to see him working on some of the shows that OGN was producing, and I saw that he was very passionate about it, so it was cool to see that this was worth it for him to find passion in. There are so many things that we can talk about outside of game analysis, so I’d love to have him on the show.

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