[Cartoon] "Feelin' Blue" An 11-year old cannon minion bug finally comes to light


Today’s cartoon is about the different auto attack range of blue and red cannon minions, which is a bug that no user and even developers at Riot knew about for the longest time.


For League of Legends, ‘balance’ is the driving force behind keeping the game alive. Players utilize knowledge of champion match ups, macro, and even mechanics to play around the balance around the Summoner’s Rift, and the ability to use that balance in their favor is an important factor in a win or a loss. However, if that balance was already broken to begin with, then do the aforementioned factors really matter at all?


With a Reddit post stating how blue side cannon minions have 20 extra auto range, the Korean community had a lot to say about the issue as well. Some even stated, “The extra 20 range difference is irrelevant, and because of how there’s a slight angle difference between the map, it’s just a visual mechanic.” However, the majority of the community said “No matter what the case may be, it’s unacceptable, as it provides an unfair advantage.” As we’re sure that many players at home tested it out as well, we at Inven also took it to the practice tool to see which minions are stronger. After running many trials, we found that there were more instances where the blue side minions were able to eventually run down the Nexus. For such a bug to exist for 10+ years, some even said that the responsibility lies in Riot for being negligent. At this point, Riot needed to step up to say something, as it was much bigger than just an issue that the community talked about.


And say something Riot did. A designer at Riot, who goes by ‘Phlox’ admitted that it’s a bug that existed since the alpha stages of the game, and they will immediately fix the bug. With this statement, it officially became the longest bug in the game. Not only did people who had a hunch about side advantages all started to complain, many users were very critical of Riot for leaving out such a bug for a long time.


While it’s a hot issue within the community, Riot stated that this bug will be fixed very soon. Only time will tell how fixing this bug will affect not only solo queue, but also in competitive play. Through it, everyone’s hoping the Riot balance team to not only thoroughly inspect their system, but to also catch any other bugs, no matter how big or small they may be. It’s not easy being the most popular game in the world.

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