From Struggle to Surge: FC Schalke 04; Dignitas players popped off in Fantasy Week 7


Week 7 of Inven Global's Esports One League of Legends Fantasy League featured the underdog story of the summer for those brave enough to draft FC Schalke 04 in week 6 of the 2020 League of Legends European Championship Summer Split and Dignitas in week 7 of the 2020 League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split.


S04 took a 2-0 over G2 Esports and Misfits to secure half of the week's biggest booms and boasted a top scorer in 5/6 of the fantasy lineup positions. All five starting players scored the higher than any of their role-based counterparts in both the LCS and LEC. Mid Laner Felix "Abbedagge" Braun's 87.28 points is the highest individual fantasy score in either league this summer. 


Schalke 04 Top Laner Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu, AD Carry Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík, and Support Han "Dreams" Min-kook were also the biggest value booms in their respective positions, but the Jungler and Mid Laner booms occured across the Atlantic Ocean.


Dignitas Jungler Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett managed to perform respectably on an individual level in a relatively one-sided defeat at the hands of TSM. DIG Mid Laner Kim "Fenix" Jae-hoon didn't do much against TSM, but more than made up for it in the team's next match against Evil Geniuses. Dardoch and Fenix kept DIG in the game at a gold deficit against EG, winning teamfight after teamfight before seizing full control of the game, and eventually, the victory.


The only other teams aside from FC Schalke 04 and Dignitas represented in a positive fantasy context were in the team positions themselves. Excel Esports was the biggest boom of any team, and TSM's 60 points in clinching a post-season spot was the most of any team this week.



Origen struggled in week 6 of the 2020 LEC Summer Split, finishing with an 0-2 week and four of its starting players in the biggest bust category.  Across the pond, Evil Geniuses Jungler Dennis "Svenkseren" Johnsen disappointed with only 16.41 points at a $230,000 value. Team Liquid, who was valued at $280,000 heading into week 7 of the 2020 LCS Summer Split, only managed to score 22 points despite a victory over Cloud9 to tie for 1st place. 






Top: S04 Odoamne 140k - 68.18

Jungler: DIG Dardoch 180k - 56.78

Mid: DIG Fenix 200k - 52.60

Bot: S04 Neon 210k - 74.49

Support: S04 Dreams 60k - 52.08

Team: Excel Esports 250k - 55.00




Top: OG Alphari 300k - 18.78

Jungler: EG Svenskeren 230k - 16.41

Mid: OG Nukeduck 270k - 17.74

Bot: OG Upset 350k - 17.06

Support: OG Jactroll 120k - (-5.58)

Team: Team Liquid 280k - 22.00


Top Scorers


Top: S04 Odoamne 140k - 68.18

Jungler: S04 Gilius 160k - 77.97

Mid: S04 Abbedagge 170k - 87.28

Bot: S04 Neon 210k - 74.49

Support: S04 Dreams 60k - 52.08

Team: Team SoloMid 270k - 60.00

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