Exos Heroes Summer Festa Event is here! Get a new 5-star hero, Bernadette


To all Exos Heroes’ fans, the Summer Festa has arrived! To those new to Exos Heroes, this is the first major seasonal event and with it comes many benefits for all players in the Exos community. The event will feature three events from the start, July 15, through the end of the event on September 2. The largest feature being the new Fatecore theme that will introduce a new unit weekly from the start until the end of the Summer Festa event. In addition, all players will receive the fated 5-star hero Bernadette! A full recap of the event rewards are below:

Summer Festa Event Contents and Rewards


Fated Hero Bernadette now free for all during the Summer Festa!

  1. Event #1 - Free Fated Hero!

Fated 5-star hero Bernadette for all players who log in during the event period, July 15th - September 2nd. All new and current players who log in to the game during the Summer Festa event will receive Bernadette as a free hero in the mailbox! Note, only one reward will be given on the first login. You will not receive a free Bernadette daily. This is a huge benefit for new players that have yet to use your fated selector ticket. As you now have one of the top AOE damage dealers in the game, you can use your ticket for another unit such as Anastasia to add more depth to your lineup!


  1. Event #2 - 7 Day Login Rewards!



During the first week of the event the following free items were provided as additional login rewards:


■ July 15th (Wed) 15:00 ~ July 16th (Thu) 14:59 

- 200 Levistones + 30 Ultimate Common Abrasives

■ July 16th (Thu) 15:00 ~ July 17th (Fri) 14:59

- 200,000 Gold

■ July 17th (Fri) 15:00 ~ July 18th (Sat) 14:59

- 300 Xes

■ July 18th (Sat) 15:00 ~ July 19th (Sun) 14:59

- 20 Stars of Fate

■ July 19th (Sun) 15:00 ~ July 20th (Mon) 14:59

- 20 Tomes of Experience (Basic)

■ July 20th (Mon) 15:00 ~ July 21st (Tue) 14:59

- 5 Ores of Mana

■ July 21st (Tue) 15:00 ~ July 22nd (Wed) 14:59

- 200 Dragon Empire’s Relics


Although the collection period passed for some of you, there was a notice that the event period may change so you may still have a chance at collecting these rewards. Also, look forward to rewards like this in the future during the next limited/seasonal event. This is a great opportunity to collect useful resources for free-to-play players and low spenders. Note, that if you haven’t collected all the rewards from your mailbox they will expire within 72 hours. 


  1. Event #3 - Prove Swimsuit Fatecore Released!


Fatecore Degas and Scarlet are the first two heroes released under the new Summer Festa theme with a new unique Passive ability! 



As the First Guardian Fatecore banner was nearing its final weeks, players were teased with a summer swimsuit Fatecore theme that was finally confirmed at the start of the Summer Festa. This new swimsuit Fatecore theme includes the following 7 characters: Scarlet, Degas, Glenn, Bernadette, Yao, Valentina, and Iris. Following the same pattern as the previous Fatecore theme, a new Fatecore will be released each week starting from the first week of the Summer Festa event! 


“Hotter Than the Sun” Scarlet was the first to be revealed/released and similar to the other Fatecore themes, players were introduced to the new Fatecore exclusive passive additions in the form of Ice Shower and Summer’s Blessing. In addition, Line Games confirmed the release of Gold, Blue, and Black Fatecores for this new theme. Stay tuned weekly for updates on the newest Fatecore and good luck deciding which ones will be the best to invest your hard-earned Xes into!  



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