Bug? Intended? Reddit user locates bug in cannon minions’ range

▲ Image via Riot Games

Red side cannon minions had 20 shorter range than the blue side minions since alpha. Yesterday, a user named Caenen posted on League of Legends Reddit that he found out the red side cannon minions had 20 lower attack range than its counterparts on the blue side. With some excerpts from the blue and red cannon minions’ data files, this user claimed that the values were different; the range of red cannon minions were 280 while blue cannon minions had 300.


▲ Image via Caenen


This led to experimenting with the minions. By using Syndra’s W, the users checked how the cannon minions reacted by flinging the cannon minions away. They were able to conclude that blue cannon minions attacked from slightly further than red cannon minions -- about 20 units. In another experiment done by Vandiril, when the minions were left alone, they mostly ended up with blue minions pushing towards the red side.



Riot designer, Phlox, responded on this matter, that he had found this bug and reviewed the values several times to make sure that those values actually controlled the cannon minions’ ranges. According to Phlox, the ranges were revised to 300, as intended. Caenen confirmed that the changes have been applied on the PBE servers.


Starting from the 10.16 patch, the cannon minions will finally work as Riot Games initially intended… And the minions will never be the same again.


▲ Image via Caenen

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