Embodiment of Avarice - Is The End Game Grind Worth the Investment?


At the release of the patch update that brought us Fate Core Marinehawk Rera, Line also gave us added content in the form of a new sanctum stage called the Embodiment of Avarice. While at first glance it may seem like another sanctum stage to quickly skip through, after careful consideration of the rewards one will quickly realize this was intended to be an end game content. This is currently the only in-game content where Ore of Mana drops; which, if you read our guides to fated gear, is the only resource required to magic enhance your fated equipment. Enhancing fated gear is the current goal for end game progress as it is the only way to increase your hero’s combat power after reaching max level and max hero enhancements (normal or fate core).


Battle Mechanics


The only enemy you face in this sanctum...the giant Polymus!

The Embodiment of Avarice is an automated boss fight, accessible once a day, against the giant antagonist Polymus. It functions much like the daily Squadron Raid or the Holy Dragon Grounds as the player has no control of the fight. In addition, similar to the other daily Sanctums, the element of the day impacts what heroes will be used for the encounter. The difference with EoA and other Sanctums is that the team used is preselected based on the element and their current combat power. Thus, forcing you to initially use the 5 strongest heroes to the current element assigned for the day.


Rank depends on your team’s total combat power, the higher the rank the more heroes can be used. 



On your first attempt you will start at rank F and only be allowed to use 5 heroes to attack. Your total party size will increase by 5 as you increase in rank, specifically when you reach ranks C, A, and S leading to a maximum size of 20 heroes. In addition, as you increase in ranks the quality and quantity of your rewards increases. As this encounter is solely based on your team’s combat power, the only way to increase rank is by improving your team’s total combat power. This can be done using any of the game’s mechanics such as equipping gear, leveling your hero/gear, blessing your hero to a 5/6 star grade, hero enhancing, fate core enhancing, and/or fate core fusions. 


The Path to Increasing Rank for Early Game Players


After your first attempt, you may hit rank E or D and find that you did not receive an Ore of Mana as a reward. This is because ranks F through D do not guarantee an Ore of Mana at completion of the event; only a chance at one. Due to this reason, your first goal should be to immediately reach rank C as you are guaranteed an Ore of Mana in addition to unlocking another team of 5. Unfortunately, this requires your base team to have a total combat power of over 2,031,340 or an average of 407,000 CP per each hero. The good news is once you reach rank C, adding 5 more heroes will lower the average CP requirement of your heroes to 204,000 CP making it easier to reach again on your next attempt; essentially allowing you to farm Ores daily when you finally hit rank C for all elements and days.


Reaching higher ranks will increase your party capacity.


How does one reach over 407,000 CP on 5 separate heroes? At a minimum, you will need your team of fated/legendary/rare heroes to be +5 enhanced at 5-star grade and level 75. As an early game player, you will likely lack the resources to 6-star bless and max enhance a team of 5 for each element in your first few months of playing. Thus, the easiest way to reach that CP goal is by moving your highest-rated gear to all heroes assigned for the day. While this may sound like an easy task, it is actually very expensive once you consider what level of gear is required and how much Xes it takes to move your gear around. Below is a general average of the CP level of a level 75 (+5 enhanced) hero: 

5* Lvl 75

Average CP

Fated Hero


Legendary Hero


Rare Hero


Given that the base CP of a level 75 hero averages to 205,000 you would need your total CP added from gear to be around 202,000. The only way to get close to this is by equipping fated equipment at a max level of 60. Legendary gear will not get you the CP required unless you potentially waste resources into enhancing and awakening which I highly discourage. Below is an average of the CP levels you would find with level 60 fated equipment. This is only the base CP excluding enhancements and weapon awakenings which would increase it further.

Fated Gear

Avg CP at Level 60
















As you can see from requirements above, if you only have 5-star heroes at level 75, they will all need to be fully equipped with fated gear in order for you to reach rank C. Of course there are other ways to increase CP, ie. utilize fate core heroes with enhancements, awaken weapons, enhance armor, etc. My goal here is to provide you with an idea of what you need to succeed, the path you take is entirely up to you.


What Does it Really Cost You?


Given the above requirements, you will see that reaching the rank C milestone is not an easy task which is why this is considered an end game grind. While the requirements are steep, the cost is even steeper. Assuming you reached rank C on a fire element day, you are now ready to reach rank C on the next day which will be frost element. As you likely will not have enough fated equipment sitting in storage to gear your new 5 heroes for frost day, you will need to unequip all your heroes from the previous day and move it all to your current frost team. This is where the grind becomes very costly. Below is a summary of the cost in Xes to remove fated gear.


Required Xes to Remove Fated Equipment










Assuming you have all 6 slots filled with level 60 fated equipment, the total cost to unequip a unit is 90 Xes. That would mean the total cost to move gear from a team of 5 to a new team of 5 will cost you 450 Xes. While this is an expensive goal to reach, the caveat is that you receive a weekly Xes reward depending on your total ranking compared to the rest of the server in which you are playing. 


Amount of Fated Gear Equipped

Total Xes to Remove (if level 60)














The weekly reward received will help to cover the cost to swap fated equipment to a new team.


Landing in the top 40%, which is possible when reaching rank C, will reward you with 500 Xes for the week. This should cover the cost to transfer gear around for a single day. As the CP per hero will be much lower for a team of 10 once unlocked, you should be able to hit C again with only legendary equipment. Thus, allowing you to move your team’s gear to a new team for a new element. For this reason, I do not recommend attempting to unlock rank C more than once a week unless you are a high spender. If you are free to play or a low spender, use the weekly reward to cover the cost to move gear for a new day. 


Bottomline - Is it worth the investment?


As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to increase your hero’s CP after leveling and hero enhancing is through fated equipment. Once you max out your fated equipment, the only way to progress further is by magic enhancing your gear. As this is the only current content in the game that rewards you with Ore of Mana (required for magic enhancing), this should definitely be at the top of your to-do list once your account can meet the aforementioned requirements. While it is clear that this is an expensive task to complete, if done efficiently, you can progress as a free-to-play player without tapping into too much of your Xes savings. Ultimately improving your CP through gear will lead to a more competitive account in both PVE and PVP content. Hopefully this synopsis will help you become a better player and competitor in the community!

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