DRX Chovy: "I was confident that I wouldn’t fall behind too much against any champion, so we were able to pick Azir first."


On the 23rd (KST), DRX defeated kt Rolster in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was a close 2-1 victory for DRX as they had revenge for the only loss kt Rolster gave them in the first round. DRX mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon had a great performance in this match, playing Azir and Galio. After the match, Chovy joined the media room for an interview.


How do you feel about today’s win?


My individual performance was regretful, but the team did well, so we won. It’s a relief for me.

What was regretful?


My performance overall was regretful.

Were you conscious of the loss to kt Rolster in the first round?


We weren’t that conscious about the loss. We just thought there was an opponent team, and we played to beat them.

How was the feedback after losing game 1?


We picked a composition where we can win in the late game with Ezreal and Azir. It was a different direction since we didn’t do that well with the first game’s draft.

You didn’t prefer Azir that much before, but you’ve been using him often.


My preference changed as I used Azir more and more. I used to prefer champions like Zoe, but now, I think Azir is alright to pick first. I had a lot of image training on Azir, how to play him well, and attempted to do that in scrims. With more experience, I found what and what not to do.

Azir isn’t usually picked as the first pick, but you picked him first in today’s games.


The biggest advantage of picking Azir as the first pick is that our other lanes can see their opponents’ champions before they pick. I was confident that I wouldn’t fall behind too much against any champion, so we were able to pick Azir first.

Your next opponent is Gen.G. How do you think it’ll go?


Gen.G is a good team, so rather than predicting who will win, I think the team who plays better on that day will win.

Bdd is at the top of the POG list. What’s the difference between you and Bdd?


It seems that Bdd likes to roam around with his jungle. I usually let the jungle do what he wants on his own and deal with my own situation by myself.

Many people are looking forward to you playing against Bdd.


There isn’t anything specific I’m preparing against him. There are many other good mid laners in the league, so I’m always doing my best to do well. I just hope that my effort comes out with results.

You beat kt Rolster that gave you your only loss. Several players said that DRX’s goal for the second round is winning all the games. Do you think it’ll go well?


Obviously, to win it all, we need to do well. In that process, if the opponent teams make mistakes, it’ll be easier. I don’t play thinking that we’ll win no matter what, but if we’re able to counter the opponents’ mistakes well, we would win.

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