League of Legends Patch 10.15 official notes are here: Aphelios nerfs and Gragas buffs


Riot Games published Tuesday the official League of Legends Patch 10.15 notes. The patch brings changes to over a dozen champions, ushers in the new champion, Lillia, and introduces seven new Spirit Blossom skins.


New champion: Lillia


The release of Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, is the highlight of this patch. Similar in feel to Neeko, Lillia is a magic damage dealer with focus on teamfights. All four of her skills have AoE range, affecting multiple enemies, delivering both damaging and crowd control effects. 


Full breakdown of Lillia's abilities is available here.





Eight champions have received buffs in Patch 10.14, among which Gragas, Swain, Rakan, and Yuumi. 


For Gragas, Riot are "sharpening his late-game damage" by buffing the AP Ratio to his [W] Drunken Rage and [R] Explosive Cask. 


Swain is a champion that has received changes across the board, on all of his abilities but his ultimate. [W] Vision of Empire's range now scales with the amount of points put into it and also costs less mana, although its damage has been slightly reduced. In addition, [E] Nevermore now has a flat cooldown of 10 seconds (which was the cooldown at level 3 beforehand) and flat mana cost of 50, giving it a lot more early game power. 


"Overall, we’re hoping these buffs will empower Skilled players in both mid and support, with sweeping changes across the board to give him the tools he needs to feel like a more functional mid laner," Riot writes. 


Items-wise, the whole Spellthief's line has received buffs. Edge and Frostfang will now provide +25% more base mana regen, while Shard of True Ice will provide more AP. 




Alphelios nerfs have arrived, nerfing his Chakram and Flamethrower weapons. "Lowering Crescendum turret's attack range so it provides less zone control, and slowing down its target acquisition speed so opponents can reactively play around it. The rest of the changes are aimed towards weakening Infernum’s synergy with Runaan’s Hurricane," Riot explain. 


Lee Sin is also on the chopping block, though to a lesser extent. The Blind Monk's [W] Safeguard cooldown is now 14 seconds, up from 12, lowering his potential to save himself or his teammates. Thresh has also suffered a similar nerf, which his cooldown to [W] Dark Passage significantly increased after rank 1. 


All artwork by: Riot Games

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