[WOT] Polish medium tank tree revealed on Supertest - Tier X CS-63 medium with rapid mode

▲ The Polish Tier X CS-63


In the second Supertest of World of Tanks 1.10, the medium tree of Poland was revealed. Starting from 14TP of tier IV, there are a total of six new medium tanks. A tier VIII premium vehicle will also be added at the official launch on the live server.


The Polish medium tanks mostly have great gun depression and mobility. Also, the tier VI and VII tanks each have two guns worth using as the final gun it can be chosen according to the playstyle. The tier X medium, CS-63 has normal and rapid modes. In the rapid mode, the engine’s power, max speed, and acceleration increase drastically, but the reliability of the gun decreases as well as the aim time gets longer.


The disadvantage visible in the tech tree is that the parts lack compatibility. Except for the tier V DS PZInz and tier VI B.U.G.I., there are no parts that are compatible with the heavy tank tree. There would be a lot of free exp to would be necessary to research the wanted vehicle.



◆ Tier V - DS PZInz


The tier V DS PZInz can be researched from the tier IV 14TP, and can be researched through the engine tree. 13,230 exp is necessary and to fully research, 15,570 more is needed. If the heavy tank tree is researched, 4,500 exp from the gun and 620 from the radio can be saved.


The full upgraded alpha damage is 135; aside from the 105mm gun, it is one of the best. However, the reload time is rather slow with 5.56 seconds, so the DPM is comparably low. The penetration of the AP ammo is 135 and the APCR is 175. Aim time is 2.01, dispersion is 0.37. The depression and elevation of the gun are decent with -8/15, and this is maintained throughout the tree to tier X.


Like any other tier V medium tank, the armor is thin, but the power/weight ratio is quite good at 18.61, and the max speed is 56km/h so it can move around the map swiftly.

◆ Tier VI - B.U.G.I.


B.U.G.I.’s research experience is 22,680. It can be fully upgraded with 37,500 exp. Like the DS PZInz, if the gun has been researched from the heavy tank tree, it’s already open.


For the B.U.G.I., you can choose from two final weapons. When using 40TP’s final 90mm gun, you would have 240 alpha damage and 156 penetration. With the 100mm gun, battles can be fought with a 410 damage HE ammo. However, since it’s a tier VI medium tank and it’s different from the past Sherman Jumbo who had a solid turret, it’s not recommended.


When using the 90mm gun, the B.U.G.I. can be used similarly to the 40TP. The advantage it has from the 40TP is that it has quicker reload and better dispersion. The weakness would be that the armor and camo value is lower.


◆ Tier VII - CS-44


The CS-44 also has two different final guns. The 90mm gun is quite similar to B.U.G.I.’s 90mm, so it is rather weak as a tier VII gun. On the other hand, the 100mm gun has damage close to 300 and higher penetration compared to the 90mm, but the reload time is long with 12.18 seconds and the gun depression is worse with -6 degrees; it’s hard to say which is better.


The armor is decent considering its tier. The turret has 150mm armor with a half-spheric shape and the front armor of the hull is 140mm. The lower part and turret ring area is quite wide, so it’s hard to expect to deflect attacks.


Mobility is even better. The power/weight ratio improved to 18.3 and the max speed is 57km/h. Aside from the rapid mode of the tier X CS-63, the CS-44 has the best mobility within the tree.

◆ Tier VIII - CS-53

The tier VIII CS-53 has one final gun which is 100mm. The damage is the same as the previous tier, but the previous tier was simply good; it isn’t bad for a tier VIII vehicle. The penetration has increased much with 212, and with the HEAT ammo, it rises to 290.


Moreover, the weakness of the tier VII vehicle, the DPM, is improved drastically with the tier VIII. The reload time is reduced to 8.25 seconds so the DPM rises to 2,183. The dispersion is improved to 0.36, but the aim time is increased to 2.4 seconds so longer aiming would be necessary.


The armor isn’t much, but the half-spheric armor sometimes awards deflections. The mobility is lower than that of the tier VII CS-44, but it’s still quite good. The power/weight ratio is 17.81 and the max speed is 50km/h. Another point is that its camo value is one of the highest in the tree with 17.02.

◆ Tier IX - CS-59


The tier IX CS-59 uses a 105mm gun for the final upgrade that has alpha damage of 390. The penetration is 252 and the reload time is similar to the previous vehicle with 8.44 seconds, so the DPM gets to a whopping 2,773. The gun specs are as high as those of a tier X vehicle, so the attacking statistics of the CS-59 is one of the best.


The other specs of the vehicle aren’t that bad either. The aim time is a bit long with 2.4 seconds, but it’s similar to the other tanks in this tree and the depression is top-notch with -9 degrees. The gold ammo’s penetration is 293, but it has its advantages as it is an APCR.


There are some faults since it can’t use the rapid mode like the tier X CS-63 and the armor is paper-thin, so the biggest issue would be how to utilize the great gun to the fullest.

◆ Tier X - CS-63


It can be said that the tier X CS-63 is a tank that is improved slightly in all parts from the tier IX CS-59. The penetration value increased slightly with 258/315, the aim time improved to 2.21, and the dispersion is 0.35. The reload time was reduced as well and the DPM is 2,871. The depression returned to -8 degrees, but that’s still enough.


The max speed is 55km/h so it’s not that different, but when using the rapid mode, it’s increased to 70km/h. This also affects moving backward, which is increased to 20km/h. However, during the rapid mode, the aim time is increased to 3.36 seconds and it takes two seconds to switch between modes. Another disadvantage of the rapid mode is that the camo value gets worse drastically.


Another big advantage of the tier X tank is that its front turret armor is increased much to 260. If deflections from previous tier tanks were based on luck, the tier 10 vehicles can utilize the hull down strategy more actively.


▲ The polish medium tank tree (Tier VI, VII tanks with both guns)


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