[LCK Reflections] T1 Kim's keyword for round 2: "Boldness... Solidarity with in-game calls is something we need to work on."


On the 16th (KST), T1 took down kt Rolster with a set score of 2-0 in the 2020 LCK Summer split. While game 1 has been a dominating victory by T1, game 2 looked as if KT will be taking the series to game 3, but with champions such as Aphelios outscaling on T1’s side, T1 was able to create the upset victory.


As round 1 of the 2020 LCK Summer split nears its conclusion, Inven Global will be talking with various head coaches of the teams to hear how they reflect upon their performance in round 1. The head coach for T1, Coach Kim, joined Inven Global for an exclusive 1 on 1 interview to talk about the various ups and downs for round 1, and how they hope to lead the team in round 2.


Not only have you come out on top of the ‘LCK Telecom Derby’, you’ve also finished round 1 with a victory against KT. How do you feel?


We’re glad to finish round 1 not only in a victory, but also with a 6-3 record in the standings. That record properly reflects our skill level at the moment, so overall, I’m satisfied.

Speaking of the standings, is the team’s place in the standings within your predictions for the Summer split?


In our current form, we assessed that we’d be in 3rd/4th. To be quite honest, we’re not playing well right now, and the fans obviously know it as well. Based on the individual skill level of the players, we’re not a top two team just yet, so we’ll need to work hard.



In game 1, KT picked AP Kog’maw in the bot lane. How did the team react?


We thought it was very good for us. With picks like Varus & Blitzcrank, who had the initial push and priority in lane, and even Zoe, who has very long range in her abilities, we had a lot of picks that can shut down Kog’maw early. We weren’t taken by surprise by the pick.

Faker recently started playing AP Nunu in the mid lane a lot in solo queue. When can we expect the pick from the team in the LCK?


He even practiced him in scrims as well, so we’re waiting for the right opportunity. In terms of picks, Faker’s very vocal about what he wants to play, so we’ll have to see when mid Nunu can be picked.

The team suffered disappointing losses in round 1, so how satisfied with the team’s performance overall?


In terms of our match against DAMWON Gaming, we lost because of our lack of focus in the late game. The match was winnable, but because we failed to properly have control over objectives, we lost. 


Our recent loss against Team Dynamics, we were in an advantageous state, but we just lost grip of everything. Everyone on the team felt the same way as the fans watching at home did. We asked ourselves, “Why did we give up dragon?” and felt very frustrated with ourselves.


Heading into round 2 of the 2020 LCK Summer split, what are some things that need to be improved for the team? 


As we always say during feedback, we need to play more boldly. We always tell ourselves to not shy away from dragon teamfights, but the reason why they sometimes do is because of the uncertainty in coming out on top of those teamfights, due to all the players being so mechanically skilled. Since our players are mechanically gifted as well, it’s just something they need to face head on.  

How would you rate your own performance as a head coach in round 1 of the 2020 LCK Summer split?


(Laughter) Wow, I’ve never been asked a question like this before. Overall, I’d give myself a passing grade. This next bit may be controversial within the community, but I’m going to be real for a bit here. Despite S-grade players like Mata, Clid, and Khan leaving the team, I’ve done alright so far with rookies on the team. I feel satisfied, and the management is happy with my performance so far as well. While it's true that the roster has been downgraded from last year, I'm pretty satisfied overall.

What are some of the things that you, as a head coach, need to improve on?


Again, this is a question I’ve never been asked in my 8 years in LoL, so I need some time to think (laughter). Truth be told, a definite answer does not come to mind at the moment. So far, I don’t think there is anything (laughter).

To achieve your goals in round 2 of the 2020 LCK Summer split, what are some keywords that come to mind?


“Boldness”. To add a bit more context to that keyword, solidarity with in-game calls is something we need to work on. It’s important that the team plays as a single unit.

Apart from the other three teams of the top four of the 2020 LCK Summer split, is there a team that you’re wary of for round 2?


No, not really. DWG and DRX are the only two teams we’re keeping an eye on.

Your next opponent is Gen.G. They said that they’re honing their claws very sharply, so can you please tell us your resolution for the match?


We are always surprised at how we always end up beating Gen.G. They don’t fall behind on the individual player level, and they even have a dominating scrim record against us. It’s to the point where we failed to grab even a single win in scrims, yet we somehow always managed to beat them in matches. We’ll make sure to prepare well to beat them, yet again.

Lastly, a word to your fans.


Because of our team’s style, a lot of fans are worried about us. We know our flaws, and it’s not like we’re not fixing them out of feeling rebellious. Our flaws are just habitual, so it’s just taking some time to fix them. We’re very aware of our flaws, and it’s just been a slow process. I was very surprised at how our losses in the regular season were very controversial, to the point where I thought we got eliminated in the World Championship. We won’t get swayed by whatever media outlet or some haters in the community say about us, and we’ll continue to work hard. Thank you so much, and we’ll work hard to become a much better team by the end of round 2.

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