[UPDATED 7/15] Splash art for upcoming League of Legends champion Yone has been leaked

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games recently revealed a new League of Legends champion, Lillia, but it looks like she won't be the new champ on the block for very long. Yone has been confirmed as the 150th champion heading to Summoner's Rift, and on the morning of Tuesday, July 14, Yasuo's fallen brother's splash art was leaked for players to see him in all his glory.


Yone was confirmed by Skin Spotlights in vo files. Spirit Blossom Thresh, the most popular of the new Spirit Blossom skin line headed to League of Legends, has unique voiceover interactions with Yone as named on the files. Yone will also have a Spirit Blossom skin upon release.



Yone has been mentioned in Yasuo's lore since The Unforgiven's release in season 3, and rumblings of him finally hitting the rift have made him one of the most anticipated champions in recent memory. Chances are that Yone will be released on Patch 10.16 since Lillia's release is already set for July 22nd on Patch 10.15.


Yone's appearance in his leaked splash art is similar to his brother Yasuo, but possesses a second sword that is glowing purple and red. Whether this is purely cosmetic and the look of Yone before his deathat the hands of Yasuo, or an undead, reanimated Yone has yet to be made clear. The hollowness of Yone's eyes and sword, alongside the purple and red color scheme, could imply more Darkin elements than just a visual similarity to Kayn.


Yone was first teased by Riot Games in January 2020 only as 'a masked stranger who refuses to die' and given his direct ties to Yasuo's lore, it seems that the 150th champion has been in the works for some time. This is the first visualization of Yone since he appeared as a follower card, 'Yone Windchaser', in Riot Games' online card game Legends of Runeterra.


UPDATE 7/15: Riot Games Narrative Designer Michael Yichao that Yone is not a Darkin via Twitter.



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