Best Runeterra tournament decks: Ezreal/Karma, Harrowing Aggro reign supreme



On the weekend of July 11-12, Duels of Runeterra held its twelfth edition of tournaments, spanning the three shards of Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. With close to 400 entrants, including some the most accomplished Runeterra players, the three tournaments gave a very complete picture of which are the best Legends of Runeterra decks out there — at least in a tournament environment.


After crunching the numbers from 48 line-ups and 144 decks total, the Ezreal/Karma Control came out on top with a good lead. Second is the new Darius/Harrowing Aggro, which rose to prominence with Patch 1.4, followed by the revised Lucian/MF Bannerman Scouts


The best and most popular Runeterra tournament decks


  1. Ezreal/Karma Control
  2. Harrowing Aggro
  3. Lucian/MF Bannerman Scouts
  4. Braum/Swain Midrange
  5. Deep Sea Monsters
  6. Bannerman Midrange
  7. Vi/Heimerdinger Control
  8. Frostbite Midrange


In Europe, GhosterDriver was the one champion who won without using Ezreal/Karma Control. In a region-limit format (where players can only use a region once in all their three decks), GhosterDriver chose to use Ionia for Kinkou Elusives Aggro — one of the top ladder decks at the moment. He also went for a more traditional Scouts Aggro build. This was his line-up:




In North America, three-times Duels of Runeterra champion Winding God made his fifth final only to lose to ZincElementa's cookie-cutter line-up. Zinc used all three of the most popular decks in the tournament meta to win his first Duels event:



As always, Southeast Asia had its own meta, heavily leaning towards using Deep Sea Monsters control. The monstrosities were used in three of the four semifinal line-ups, but the champion ybrcy had a different line-up and different Shadow Isles deck in mind: Keg Control.




As a reminder, these are tournament decks and as such, netdecking them verbatim is not always the best idea. When considering which decks to copy for your ladder grind to Master, remember that you cannot just ban your bad match-ups. If the ladder is infested with aggro decks that kill on Round 5, then maybe running a Frostbite Midrange deck might not the best idea. 

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