AF Spirit: "Poppy jungle's strengths lie in her cuteness. I was able to stay calm just by looking at her,"


On the 11th (KST), Afreeca Freecs took down SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 LCK Summer split, with a set score of 2-0. The jungler for AF, Spirit, pulled out his pocket pick, Poppy, to gain many advantages for AF in game 1. His overall performance was very different from his performance against DAMWON Gaming.


Spirit joined the press room at LoL Park for a post-match interview.

How does it feel to take the 2-0 victory?


In the last match against DWG, I got caught out a lot, and my goal today was to not die. I think it worked out quite well, so I’m very glad.

The early game of game 2 was rough for the team. 


SP picked a very aggressive early game team composition. We tried to be careful, but failed to in the early game. Thankfully, we were getting a lot of dragon stacks and were scaling, so we didn’t think we were in too much of a disadvantage. We mentally gathered ourselves, and got to the late game safely.


Although Kiin got caught out, the other four members of the team were able to stay vigilant to win. Kiin getting solo killed isn’t something that normally happens, so we tried even harder. After the match, Kiin blamed us, as his use of tp in the bot lane is what screwed him over. We admitted that as well (laughter).

Your infamous Poppy jungle has finally made an appearance. It’s a champion that drew a lot of bans as well, so what are some of her strengths that you utilize well?


It’s a champion that I play a lot in solo queue. I wanted to let SP have a taste of it today, and I’m glad that it worked out well. Her strengths lie in her cuteness as a Yordle. I was able to stay calm just by looking at her all game. I’m pretty sure that teams struggle against her as well, as they lack the experience in playing against her.

In recent matches, Fly’s been selected as Player of the game quite often.


In our team interview, we said that Fly performing well is like winning the lottery. It looks like Fly’s winning a lot of lotteries these days. Because of him, the other laners are also performing well, and the games are a lot easier.

Since you’ve started for the team in all of the recent matches, can you tell us how Dread’s doing?


He’s doing very well in both scrims and in solo queue. He’s ready to start at any time.

Next match is against Gen.G. What kind of a match do you want to have?


We couldn’t beat the upper teams in round 1, so internally, we’re honing our weapons. There were many instances where we were helpless against them, so I want to show that we’re different through this match.

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