SB FATE: "I’m still not used to the idea of winning... I want to push myself to see how many wins we can take."


On the 10th (KST), the 2020 LCK Summer split took place, and in the second match of the day, SANDBOX Gaming took on kt Rolster. With a 2-0 victory by SB, they are now on a three-match win streak. The game 2 victory held much more meaning for SB, as they were able to come back from a huge deficit. In the middle of such a comeback, FATE’s Leblanc stood at the center of the team’s victory over KT.


After their victory over KT, the mid laner for SB, FATE, joined Inven for a one on one interview.



How do you feel about the victory tonight?


While I do feel great about the victory, the team hasn’t performed well for a while. It feels like a lot of burden has lifted off our shoulders.

You started for the team ever since the team’s series against Gen.G, and the team’s now on a 3-match win streak. How much do you think you contributed to the team’s success?


Compared to the matchups earlier in the split, the recent matchups were a lot easier. Our team’s overall synergy is being honed, so it was more of a collective effort from my teammates and our coaching staff.

From the 7 sets that the team has won, you’ve been selected as the POG twice. Do you feel satisfied about it?


I really don’t think about the whole POG thing. I just play with the intent of our team winning. While it definitely feels good to be selected as POG, I’m just focused on not making mistakes and doing all I can in the game.

You’ve been a part of Challengers Korea for a long time, and even played in Turkey briefly. How did you react when SB offered you a spot on the team?


It was the first time that I was offered a spot by a team in the LCK, and because SB was such a strong team, I was just very grateful. I personally think Dove’s a great player as well, so I was able to learn a lot from him.

However, in your debut split in 2020 Spring, you had a 1-6 record, so you must’ve felt very disappointed.


At the time, our team synergy was very off, so it’s natural. Stats are stats, but I was more disappointed by the fact that I couldn’t play better as a player.

On the flip side, it seems that your performance has gone up significantly.


I was disappointed with my own performance in my first series of the split against Gen.G. However, with much advice from the coaching staff and seeing how the team’s improving during practice, it feels like my performance went up. I’m nowhere near satisfied with myself, though.

Is there anything to improve in your gameplay?


There’s way too many things I’m still disappointed in with my gameplay. I want to learn how to be more detailed, while playing more aggressively. I want to make plays, just like how Doinb does on FunPlus Phoenix.

YamatoCannon’s metaphors and inspirational quotes became a hot topic within the LCK. Did he tell you anything that stands out before today’s match?


No, he just emphasized on teamwork and boosted our confidence. I think his metaphors and quotes are to help the players understand each other more, and now that we’re on a three-match win streak, they’re definitely working (laughter).

What’s your goal for this split?


We took our first victory against Team Dynamics this split, and the taste of victory felt foreign and I was left bewildered. I’m still not used to the idea of winning, so I haven’t set a specific goal for myself just yet. I just want to give it my all every match, and push myself to see how many wins we can take. I’ll continue to just focus on my own gameplay.

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