SB FATE: "While in-game vocabulary is easy to understand... GorillA translates the longer stuff,"

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On the 10th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming took on kt Rolster in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With TusiN still recovering from his health issues, KT started the roster that ended the undefeated streak of DragonX. However, the ‘Yamato Magic’ seemed to be in full effect, as SB extended their win streak to three and defeated the KT that seemingly was riding the high momentum.


Summit and FATE, the top and mid laner for SB respectively, were named the two POG of the series, and joined the official broadcast for an interview.



It must be exhilarating to be on a three-match win streak after a five-match losing streak. How does it feel?


Summit: Although I’m happy, I’m also very relieved by the fact that we’re able to shake off the five-match losing streak to now be on a win streak.


FATE: As Summit said just now, I’m also very relieved, but personally, I’m more happy by the fact that we’ve 2-0’d the last two series.

Not only was KT fresh off their victory against DRX, everyone was unsure which role Smeb and SoHwan will be playing in. What was the focal point in the preparation against KT?


Summit: We’ve practiced many different playstyles, from focusing on side lanes to teamfighting, but we weren’t too wary of how one of the two top laners will be going support.

Are you sure GorillA wasn’t wary of Smeb going support?


Summit: I mean, they were on the same team, so he must’ve been wary of Smeb to a certain extent.

FATE, When you locked in Leblanc in game 2, it seemed like you were talking with YamatoCannon about something. How do you communicate with him?


FATE: In-game vocabulary is pretty simple to understand, even in English, so we can use such vocab to communicate directly. However, longer and more complicated sentences are translated through GorillA.

Summit, your teammates say that you’re the player that struggles the most with English, but it seems that he talks to you the most.


Summit: I’m very weak at English. I use a lot of body language to get my point through.

In a recent interview, YamatoCannon spoke very highly of you. What are some of the nice things he said to you?


Summit: He said that I’m always bright… (Even when you go 0-18! [laughter] ) I actually never had 18 deaths. I think he just said that as an example.

FATE, did you read that interview as well? Do you remember what he said about you?


FATE: Yes, I did. He said that I’m always level-headed, and that I’m very good at analyzing the game.

Speaking of the game, game 2 was quite difficult, so how did the team analyze the situations presented?


FATE: We felt that as long as we defended the tier 1 mid turret long enough, we would neutralize the enemy’s team composition, so we told ourselves that we needed to defend it as long as possible. During the teamfights that broke out when they were coming to push the mid turret, we gained a lot of advantages off them, so the game became a lot easier from that point on.

Leblanc is a champion that continues to represent many mid laners, so how do you rate your Leblanc in game 2? 


FATE: There were moments where I didn’t properly utilize her abilities, but overall, I’m satisfied with my performance on her. I’d give it a 9/10.

Your next match is against SeolHaeOne Prince. With the team continuing to perform better by the day, where do you think the team stands among other LCK teams?


Summit: Obviously, we’re still pretty low in the standings, so we can’t compare ourselves among the top teams just yet. However, as long as we continue to prepare like we do now, I think we’re going to get better.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


FATE: We’re now on a three-match win streak, so we won’t get complacent, prepare well for the match, and keep the streak alive.


Summit: We’ll work harder to keep the momentum and the streak alive. Thank you.

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