New banner Fate Core Misty Ramge -- should you pull?

Dark / Support / Attack Type Magical

Ramge from the parallel world where the Misty lineage has awakened. His footprints, left with his voluntary and numerous sacrifices, were said to have been the biggest power in support of the empire.


The final Dragon Emperor Knight

In keeping with the current trend of releasing new Fate Cores weekly, Misty Ramge will be the final piece of the Dragon Emperor Knight lineup following the release of the July 8th data patch. This will be a black Fate Core, and similar to the previous black Dragon Knight Fate Cores, the only addition to his core skill kit will include the addition of The Great One mark to his passive. 


Let’s take a look at his kit...



Cleanse Lv. 3

Cleanses damage over time and debuff effects from allies and Gain Mana (1 mana)

Gain Mana (1 mana) additionally if Health of target is at 20% or less when triggered

Gain Mana (1 mana) if Health of target is at 70% or more when triggered


The Great One

[Over Time Effect] Grants  The Great One mark to the 4 highest Attack hero in the same row as self

If an ally with The Great One mark is attacked it grants the Dragon's Blood mark (only once per turn, excludes damage from Wrath)


Dragon Blood

If the marked target is attacked again while the mark is activated gain Dragon Blood+1 (Max 7)

If the marked target doesn't take a hit for 2 turns lose all Dragon Blood marks



Once every turn, when attacked, allies marked with Dragon Blood will Counter dealing 50% damage for every Dragon Blood mark on them


Dragon Scale

Once every turn, upon taking damage, grant a barrier of 100% of own Defense for each Dragon Blood mark to all Dragon Blood marked allies for 10 turns (can’t be stacked)


Skill 1:

Touch of Light    

Required mana: 1

[Single] Deals 225% damage to 1 enemy

[Special] Afflicts target with Nullify Heal for 12 turn(s) (Can't be Removed)

[Self-Harm] Afflicts target with Self-Harm if target is afflicted with Fear of the Abyss, dealing 45% damage every turn for 5 turn(s)


Skill 2:

Golden Blaze      

Required mana: 3

[All] Deals 133% damage to all enemies

[Special] Afflicts target with Nullify Heal for 16 turn(s) (Can't be Removed)

[Self-Harm] Afflicts target with Self-Harm if target is afflicted with Fear of the Abyss, dealing 26% damage every turn for 5 turn(s)


Worth the investment?

While we all know of the strength the Dragon Knight passive provides in both PVE and PVP content, many are asking the question of whether or not this new fate core is worth the investment. For some, the passive alone is worth the investment; however, let’s review some of the benefits his kit will provide in different areas of the game.



Essential Frontline Support
If you do not have Fate Core Ignite Anastasia, he is definitely worth the investment simply due to the fact that he is the only other frontline unit with the Dragon Knight passive. Having a Dragon Knight support for the frontline provides invaluable sustainability to your tank(s) when the Dragon Scale shield activates for both PVE and PVP content.


Tag Team Flexibility 
As mentioned above, for those without FC Anastasia he will help greatly in Tag battles due to his passive. Given the fact he is a frontline support, it is possible to build a team of 4 damage dealers around him knowing that his passive increases his chances of survival. For those with FC Anastasia, the ability to build two teams with frontline Dragon Knights will bring greater success in both offense and defense.  

Light/Dark Sanctum Days 

For those having difficulty completing the Special stage on Light/Dark days, his passive alone should help ease the difficulty and allow you to clear it. Even more so if you have a Fate Core Rothbrok Baileysh to pair him with. These are the only two dark units with the Dragon Knight passive.


Synergy with other Units

Given his relation to Shufraken in the story, his skills provide an added damage over time bonus to targets marked with Fear of the Abyss (mark provided solely by Shufraken) which will greatly help in PVE content. In addition, he has the highest base HP of fated units and a heal block that cannot be cleansed.

In PVP, this is useful against meta teams with a FC Anastasia as he can nullify the first aid passive giving your damage dealer a higher chance of success in one-shotting anyone on the enemy team. 


The Verdict 

Although he is not a meta-changing unit, Misty Ramge will definitely be a welcome addition to anyone’s lineup; especially to those who missed out on the FC Anastasia banner. As the only other frontline DK unit aside from Anastasia, the safety net his passive provides to your tank or other support types in PVP and PVE content is invaluable. Good luck on this week’s banner and hope for nothing but success for those lucky enough to pull him!


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