T1 Cuzz on Nunu: "We are preparing it a bit... it was really hard when I faced Faker’s Nunu."


On July 9th (KST), T1 swept SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was a swift victory in which both games ended around 30 minutes. Jungler Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan was voted as the Player of the Game with a great performance on Olaf in game 2. He joined the press room for a post-match interview.



How do you feel winning against SeolHaeOne Prince?


Before today’s match, we thought that we really need to win 2-0 and prepared thoroughly. I’m happy that we did. Our next match is coming soon, and I’d like to continue our winning streak.

Why did you think you needed to sweep?


Since we had many 2-1 wins, our win score was low. Since I want to get to Worlds and win the summer championship, I wanted a 2-0 victory.

Did you anticipate that they would pick support Xyra?


We never thought of it. We were a bit frustrated when we saw it, but since we have many experienced players and the coaching staff had been through Jhin-Xyra or Ashe-Miss Fortune, etc we weren’t caught off guard.


It was difficult since Ashe-Xyra’s laning is strong and that Ashe can find the jungler through her E, so I was busy trying to defend my jungle. They had a lot of CC and strong damage so we were extra careful. It was clear that Xyra’s HP is low, so we tried to take advantage of that.

Game 2 was rather closer than game 1. When did you think you won?


When Trundle failed the mid gank, I thought we would be able to take the initiative. When I was sure that we won was when we stole the Rift Herald even if I didn’t have Smite.

Did you think you would get the POG in game 2?


I thought I might not get it because I’m bad in interviews (Laughs). It’s a relief that I got the POG. I’m thankful to those who voted for me. I thought I was the one that needed to carry game 2. It was a big help that Faker endured the early game so that I could scale. When Olaf’s ahead of the opponent jungler, it’s good to push them down, so I thought I needed to carry.

Do you think Nunu could appear in the pro scene?


We’re keeping an eye on it. If it’s good in solo queue, there’s a good chance it could be good in the pro scene. We are preparing it a bit, so Nunu users might be able to look forward to it. The objective fights are important in the pro scene and Nunu’s Q skill is advantageous in the Smite fight so I think that’s a big plus.

Faker and you are both preparing Nunu. Who do you think is better at Nunu?


The jungle and mid lane are different, but it was really hard when I faced Faker’s Nunu. I think he’s really good at mid Nunu. However, my Nunu win rate in solo queue is really good too. We’re both good.

Your next opponent is Team Dynamics. You would be aiming for another 2-0 victory. Are you confident?


I am confident. If we prepare with our very best, I think the result always follows. We’ll do our best to prepare for the match against Team Dynamics as well.

Any last comments?


Thank you to all the fans that cheer for us. I’ll prepare for the next match well.

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