G2 Caps; XL Patrik scored top 3 weekly fantasy points in LEC Summer Split Week 4


Only two players in the 2020 League of Legends European Championship Summer Split boasted the top scores in the week 4 of the Inven Global Esports One  Fanatasy League of Legends League, but the two who did certainly made it count. G2 Esports Mid Laner Rasmus "Caps" Winther and Excel Esports AD Carry Patrik "Patrik" Jírů boasted the highest scores in their respective positions for the week, but also, the third and second highest total scores in any fantasy week this summer.


The LEC took a week off during week 5, leaving only LCS players to be chosen by those playing fantasy, but even in the weeks leading up to the break, the LEC had not been scoring highly. In week 3 and week 4 of the Summer Split, only 25% of the top scorers were from Europe. MAD Lions Support Norman "Kaiser" Kaiser led all Supports in week 3 with 38.63 fantasy points due to his excellent Wukong play alongside Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság's fasting Senna.


G2 Esports went 1-1 in week 4 of the LEC Summer Split, but that didn't stop Caps from racking up fantasy points. Caps put up an acceptable 6/6/4 scoreline on Azir in a 36 minute loss to Excel Esports, but his true brilliance was shown the day before. Caps ran rampant on Kog'Maw in the mid lane against Misfits, utilizing the increasing popular AP-focused build to great effect and a 13/1/7 scoreline. Caps 77.46 fantasy points in week 4 is the most of any Mid Laner in LEC or LCS all summer.


Excel Esports began to hit their stride in week 4 with a 2-0 set of matches against Team Vitality and G2, and Patrik was at the center of that success. Both games crested the 35 minute mark, giving Patrik plenty of opportunities to rack up fantasy points.


Patrik's Ashe performance against Team Vitality was a strong 4/1/7, but was absolutely dwarfed by his Aphelios against G2. His 9/1/10 scoreline in the second game ballooned his fantasy points score for week 4 to 77.82, the most of any player in the LEC and LCS. The only player who has scored more fantasy points in a single week this summer than Caps' third-highest total and Patrik's second-highest total is only bested by Origen AD Carry Elias "Upset" Lipp's 79.61 points in week 2.

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