The best Legends of Runeterra decks you should play to hit Master rank


The Legends of Runeterra meta for Patch 1.4 has stabilized and with it the assortment of top decks with best results on the ranked ladder. New decks like Harrowing Aggro and Anivia Reanimator have met old staples like Veimer Control and Kinkou Elusives to populate the highest echelons of the Master rank.


Below are six Runeterra top decks to get you to that coveted Master rank — if you're good enough.


Harrowing Aggro

The Darrius/Harrowing Aggro (or Darrowing Aggro) is actually an archetype that players have experimented with before, but it only became meta after the Patch 1.4 balance changes. Darius and The Harrowing both received buffs, which gave the decklist a lot of power.


The Harrowing Aggro is a predominantly a Noxus burn deck, not dissimilar to the PNZ Burns of older metas. The added win condition is The Harrowing, which revives the strongest dead allies (usually units with Overwhelm) to push for the final points of Nexus damage).


An alternative list replaces Draven with Elise, with both versions enjoying success on ladder. This is perhaps the strongest aggro deck in the meta right now.


Anivia Control

The Anivia Control (or Anivia Reanimator) is another top Legends of Runeterra deck that's taking over the ranked ladder and Master division. It's an extremely late-game oriented deck that does all the good stuff Freljord and Shadow Isles are known for: board clears and end-game threats.


The goal of the deck is to survive until a leveled up Anivia, from where it's almost a certain win. Anivia gets reanimated over and over again, eventually filling up the board. The deck then starts attacking with multiple Anivia's dealing lots of defender and Nexus damage, clearing the board and killing the opponent in the process. It's a very quick clock to the check-mate. 


Those who love control decks will appreciate this build. It doesn't have the crazy synergies of the Vi/Heimer Control and is somewhat more straightforward, but is still challenging to play.


Kinkou Elusives

The Kinkou Elusives is a deck as old as Runeterra itself. While earlier versions ran a more balanced amount of Ionia and Freljord cards, modern lists have opted to be more Ionia-heavy so they can trigger the Allegiance of Kinkou Wayfinder (hence the name). 


Little has changed with for this deck with Rising Tides and recent patches. Some lists run Fury of the North from the new expansion, but many are sticking to the classic list. The deck plays like a classic aggro, sneaking the Elusive attackers under the opponent's defenses, ignoring as much confrontation as possible. 


You've seen this deck a lot. You've probably played this deck a lot too. But if you haven't: just go for the face. 


Ezreal/TF Combo

Ezreal and Twisted Fate are a match made in heaven and it's almost surprising that this wasn't a top deck until Patch 1.4. 


The deck wins in one of two ways. Either it stalls the board until it can drop Riptide Rex, clear everything, and attack. Or it levels up Ezreal quickly (very likely given the plethora of damage spells in this list) and then combos down the remaining Nexus points.


Like every Ezreal combo deck, this one is also tricky to play and very prone to mistakes. You need to adapt on the fly to the cards you Nab from the enemy deck and change your strategy accordingly. When mastered, however, this is one of the strongest combo decks in the current meta.


Veimer Control

The Vi/Heimerdinger Control is another classic ever since Rising Tides launched. Despite nerfs to several cards in its arsenal, the Vi/Heimer (or Veimer Control) archetype has persisted as one of the best control decks in Legends of Runeterra. It's constantly winning tournaments or sitting on top of Master rank, surviving all Patch changes so far. 


The deck's primary win condition is Heimerdinger. If played cautiously with plenty of mana to spare, Heimerdinger easily takes over the game with free turret spam and a slew of board control spells. Vi is an alternative win condition and control tool, whose Challenge and Tough keywords make her a serious threat. 


Together with the Ezreal/TF Combo, this is perhaps the hardest deck to play on the list, so be warned and games, where you don't draw Heimerdinger, can be very difficult to win. You have to constantly mind your board and hand size and be patient and vigilant about keeping Heimerdinger alive. 


Nox Elusives


The Nox Elusives is an archetype that rose to prominence shortly after Rising Tides. Originally popular mostly in Southeast Asia, the deck quickly gained traction and was spotted by western players as well.


The Nox Elusives combine the unblockable power of the Elusive units with the direct Nexus damage output of Noxus' best followers, including Legion Grenadier, Imperial Demolitionist, and Crimson Disciple. Noxus also contributes attack power buffs and board control through Transfusion and Noxian Fervor, making for an even more aggressive Elusive build than the Freljord variation.


The deck often runs zero champions, but some lists make space for Zed.


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