SB Summit on first win: "I agree that it was the 'YamatoCannon effect'."


On the 4th of July (KST), SANDBOX Gaming gained their first victory of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Summer Split against Team Dynamics. It was a close 2-1 victory and a welcome win for Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi who just got out of quarantine. After the match, top laner Park “Summit” Woo-tae joined Inven for an interview.



It’s your first win of the season. How do you feel?


I’m… Extremely happy. Happy isn’t enough to express how I feel.

How was your mindset going into today’s match against Team Dynamics?


Today was the first day that our new head coach was on stage. I tried to do everything YamatoCannon told me, from what to do before the day to what to do at LoL Park. I tried to keep every detail.

How was the team atmosphere? It would have been down due to the long losing streak.


It would be a lie if I said that it was alright. It was really hard as the losses stacked. It wasn’t that we didn’t trust each other, but there was this weird atmosphere. It’s a relief that we’ve stopped it though.

What do you think the reason was behind the losing streak?


I think the five of us didn’t move as a team. It felt that we played individually rather than having team plays.

You played Renekton in game 2 but struggled a lot. How was the matchup against Rich?


Recently, the blue team’s top laner has to endure all the struggles, but I think I wasn’t able to do so.

How did your teammates react after winning?


Everyone was happy. It was the first win in a while so we enjoyed that feeling. We congratulated each other and enjoyed ourselves in the backstage.

The fans say that the first win was from the “YamatoCannon effect”. What do you think?


I think the result says everything. It was his first time on stage and he led the team that was on a 5-game losing streak to victory. I don’t deny that and I agree that it was the 'YamatoCannon effect'.

What was the biggest difference that YamatoCannon was there with you offline?


When it was online, it felt like listening to an internet class. Isn’t it better to learn in person than online? It was hard to get all the details right online.

According to the broadcast interview, YamatoCannon said each player should become a finger and gather together to form a fist. Which finger do you think you are?


I think I’m the pinky. It may look worthless, but it’s necessary, so it needs to be taken care of.

They also said that you’re the worst in comprehending English. Is it true?


Frankly, I’m not that good. OnFleek and GorillA are good at English, but the other three are similar. Rather than being last, all three of us are about the same.

You finally stopped the losing streak. There’s a long way to go. What’s your current goal?


For now, it’s to continue winning. The remaining matchups are less pressure. Since we started our engine, we’ll keep the momentum.

To the fans who were waiting for your first win?


We finally had our first win. You would have been waiting for so long… I told you to cheer for us in the spring and showed only bad performances. I’ll do my best to keep up to your expectations in the remaining matches.

A word to your teammates and YamatoCannon?


Each player in our team has strengths and weaknesses. We should cover each others’ weaknesses with our strengths and become a team that can magnify the strengths.


I heard that it’s the first time YamatoCannon is in Korea except for the bootcamp. I send respect to him, being in a new environment but still concentrating on whatever he has to do. I’ll continue to follow well and become a better player.



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